Summer Magic

It has been HOT around here. Monday we had the chance to spend the afternoon up Provo Canyon (about 15 minutes away from our house). What a perfect way to get out of the heat.
We went with my sister and brother-in-law to visit his grandparents at their cabin on a fork of the Provo River – just down the river actually from Sundance resort. This place wasn’t as glamorous as Sundance, but it had idyllic charm oozing out of every crevice. And the back deck is literally on the river!
The cabin was built in the 1960’s right next to the cabin built in the 1920’s where my brother-in-law’s grandmother spent all her summers growing up. And now in their nineties, these grandparents still spend every summer at Wildwood. (Is that the perfect name?)

It was absolute heaven – a hammock and a cool canyon breeze off the water.

The river was moving fast, but there was a little dammed-off area where the kids could play. That water was cold! All snow run-off. Most years they borrow a few geese from a farmer friend to come spend the summer and add to the charm of the place but this year, thanks to the heavy snow and wet May/June, the water has been too high and swift for the geese.
To make it even more enchanting to my kids, there was a table with scraps of wood and hammers and nails and they just went to town building sculptures.
But the cherry on top was a tree house/screen porch over looking the water which you could access by a ladder OR from a bridge from the loft room of the cabin.

I loved the glass on the screen shelves.
This sign came from the little store that used to be part of the little cabin enclave.
The interior was awesome. Combination rustic Americana, German antique woodcarving, and 1980’s kitsch.
Here is a sample of the quilts on the beds in the loft.I love this old one with the orange off-set squares! I think something like this would be awesome with vintage sheets!And how about that pillow case made out of an old flour sack?Perfection.

And speaking of Summer Magic, does anyone remember the old Hailey Mills Disney movie of that title? Not her very best, but still holds a certain place in my childhood nostalgia. In the summer we used to walk to our neighborhood convenience store and rent old Disney live-people movies, of which Hailey Mills frequented. Also classics like Follow Me Boys, Swiss Family Robinson, and The Happiest Millionaire. Might be time to track down some of those again.


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    All those pictures are from your brother-in-laws grandparents place? Wow…that is awesome…you live in a beautiful state…our family went on an across the country trip to Montana in July 2001, stayed there for over a week and then on the way back to Virginia we decided to go to the Grand Canyon!;) So we went to Flaming Gorge, Dinosaur Nat'l Monument, Arches and Moab and of course Four

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    What a quaint place! Lovely quilts on the beds too. Follow Me Boys is a great movie! Summer Magic…well my daughter liked it anyway. 😉

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    That has to be &quot;Heaven on Earth&quot;. I would love everything about it. What a wonderful thing to be able to spend time there.<br />Cathy

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    you can&#39;t forget Pollyanna and my all-time-favorite that I know pretty much by heart…. The Parent Trap!!<br />that cabin looks so refreshing and perfect for a summer vacation. last summer we spent a weekend at a similar cabin at MT. Hood here in Oregon. so much fun!

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    Love the cabin! My hubby and I went to BYU and used to hike, fish, and bike up the Provo Canyon. He was so jealous reading this post with me and was so in love with the cabin and location. Thanks for sharing!

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    This is so funny amy cause I was planning on doing a summer magic post on my blog a couple weeks ago but I never got around to it. I&#39;m sad I missed out on the Wildwood experience. Maybe next time.

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