Where it all began . . .

Well here they are folks. Not a finished quilt, but the actual first blocks I ever made. I recently found them and reclaimed them, now that I recognize their significant historical value. They are probably from around 1986. I still remember my mom getting ready to go to her first quilting class. She had a list of supplies she was supposed to bring and had no idea what a c-thru ruler was, so she just brought a ruler from home that happened to have a clear edge! lol. She laughed about it when she came home and bought her first of many quilting rulers.
She also taught me how to hand-piece the block she had learned. And so I made my own out of some lovely powder blue and dusty pink fabric. Then I tried a new version out of blue. Why am I showing the backs?? I guess to prove that I really did it.
So then, being the ever stuck-in-a-rut person I tend to be sometimes, I did it in pink. After making the pink version my mom decided we should make a whole quilt out of that block. So we did. Or rather, she did most of it. (And I think by this time we started machine piecing too.) It took a while, but it happened. And then this quilt lived on my bed all through my teenage years.
So I can’t technically claim that this was the first quilt I made all by myself, but it was definitely the first quilt I designed and was a part of.
And again I laugh that there are only about 4 or 5 fabrics in this quilt. The back is just plain muslin. So it’s not the most exciting quilt, but I’m hanging on to it for all the sentimental value. And for when dusty rose becomes vintage chic again someday. (And you know it will. 10 years ago would we have ever believe that avocado green would be hot again? We’re such slaves to color trends.)
This little doll quilt (complete with recent stain) was another first quilt where I learned to strip-piece. I made this one at a church youth group as a teenager. Now my girls use it for their American Girl doll bed spread.

And here is a sneak peak at my latest finish. I still need to wash it and take better pictures, so keep your eyes peeled.

I am literally on the last stitches of the binding. I’ve been at this one a while now because I waited to find the right binding. It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but it’s close.

To see other first and latest projects, check out the links at Camille and Carrie’s blogs.


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    Hi Amy ~ You passed &quot;magna cum pellidentium&quot;… but the skin of your teeth. :)<br /><br />I love the quilts and the stories and the lessons! And I can&#39;t wait to see the almost done quilt ~ they really are so much better when they&#39;ve been washed and are all quilty. :)<br /><br />Thank you for sharing your quilts and for joining in!

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    I just love how everyone is showing their first quilts….they are all wonderful and the stories even better…that&#39;s the thing about a quilt…it always has a story! I&#39;m working on that drawstring bag thingy!;)

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    Loved the ruler story. And your first quilts are wonderful! Not scary colors like some of ours. <br />And I&#39;m loving the new ones already.

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    I cannot believe you hand pieced a quilt. Or even a part of it. Incredible. But heh — the two or three tone fabrics are so Envogue these days and your colors make them both real treasures. <br /><br />Now your newest – very yummy looking. I love these modern fabrics in quilts — I must give that a try.

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    Amy, love the quilt blocks, I wish I still had my first quilt. I made it for my DH when we were fist dating, he used it to death. Love the first quilt:) What treasures you have!

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    Oh, I recognize the blue fabric with the little pinkish roses. I may actually have some it it somewhere. How fun that you still have your &quot;firsts&quot;. Thanks for sharing.

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