Friday, August 28, 2009

Garden Quilt show Part 1

Can you believe it? Finally pictures of actual quilts on a quilting blog! I know, it's been a while. (Do you recognize the little table topper in the middle?)

This is part 1 of pictures from the Garden Party/Quilt Show this past week. I decided to spare your internet connections and to not blow your minds all at once because I took many pictures. There were that many good quilts. So there will be a part deux.

Here's a close up of the beautiful Dresden Plate quilt on the left. I am itching to make one of these. I'm in need of a good hand-work project right now and I think this would be perfect.
More close-ups.

And a close-up of a close-up. This sweet garden quilt was made by a wonderful woman that I work with at American Quilting, Marilyn Yerkes. One of the sweetest women I know. (But most quilters are.)
Do you recognize that basket quilt?
Here is a close-up of the Thanksgiving Quilt. This pattern is by the amazing Lori Holt.
Do you recognize these puppies?
Another closer look. I love these little guys. This pattern can be found here.



These applique quilts were spectacular. Oh wow. This one by Bunny Hill Designs is called Rabbits Prefer Chocolate. I've always loved this pattern, but I think I lack the commitment to make it myself. So I always enjoy staring when I see one some other gifted soul has created.
This Christmas quilt was equally spectacular. Gorgeous applique. I think this is also by Bunny Hill Designs, but I'm not certain. Anyone out there know this pattern?
Look at the detail work. And the fabric choices were gorgeous too.

And to wrap up part one, a sweet little Summer sampler. Again, I don't know the pattern, so speak up if you do.

I hope this has wet your appetite because there is more to come! So grab a bowl of ice cream and come back soon.


americanfamily said...

Love your pics as usual. I was so sorry to have missed it....but fortunately you have all these wonderful photos. Thanks Amy.

Jilly's Space said...

oh WOWWWW! What gorgeous quilts!! Thanks so much for sharing, look forward to seeing more!!

quiltycat said...

What a nice quilts and what a nice location! Thanks Amy, I'm jet waiting for the second part!

Robin said...

What beautiful quilts! I especially love the summer applique little quilt! I would love to make that! Thanks for sharing : )

angela said...

That looks like so much fun! That last summer quilt is really cute.

Nedra said...

I just got back into town last night after being gone on our family vacation. Time to get caught up on all the blog posts I missed! Thanks for the show and tell from Amy's Garden Party. Kim did a blog post and announced Amy is now doing a blog. How fun! I will be following for sure.

Sherri said...

What wonderful quilts...thanks so much for the pictures! I'm also looking forward to part 2!

DeeRoo said...

Ugh....I was able to get the seconded picture and then my computer timed out...couldn't even get them by clicking on them....I guess I'll have to go to the library!:) Our daughter just got a new laptop and is going to give us her old one so I can start going to the library or coffe shops and surf to my hearts content!:) Oh, and the reindeer one came up...too cool!:) Thanks for sharing.
How's packing going?:)

Deb said...

I think they're all wonderful! But I especially like the gardening one(I collect watering cans). A lady that you work with at American Quilting made that one? ...any idea where the pattern is from? I'd love to find out if possible. Thanks!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Such a fun assortment of quilts! Thanks for showing them.

dotti white said...

Amy...thanks for the pictures of the quilts. What a glorious garden quilt show. I would be in heaven......Look forward to seeing the rest!

Dawn W. said...

Love the quilts - Do you happen to know the name of photo #11? I need to learn how to paper piece, and that one looks like it must have been done that way.

live a colorful life said...

Oh this quilt show was so much fun. I will be posting probably an extensive blog post about Quilting in the Garden in Livermore, California, at Alden Lane Nursery ( the end of September. I LOVE seeing quilts in an outdoor garden setting. Thanks for sharing.

Aunt Spicy said...

Really, what a fun idea, and your photos are beautiful! I adore the Dinner and Summer quilts, so fun!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Those are some fabulous quilts. I mean really really superior. Not run of the mill. Loved seeing them all. Loved that snow man and the watering can close up. Next year - you've gotta warn me.

paulette said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful tour! I lOVE a good quilt show...can't wait till tomorrow!