Friday, August 7, 2009

I think I found the solution I need . . .

Does anyone know a person like this who would like to come cook our food, clean the house and keep an eye on the kids? Oh, the things I could get done with my day. Lucky Carol.

I'm not the only one whose attention is in needed right now. Our computer is also in demand by others in my house. Those Webkinz don't take care of themselves, you know.


  1. You need a wife to handle all the niggling little details of life so you can create!

  2. Webkinz? That's funny. We play with them at our house too and I'll give you a tip to keep them healthy.

    Are your children putting them to sleep in their beds when they're done playing with them?

    Make sure they do that each time after they're done playing and your pet will be much happier and healthier. Remember to give them water and vitamins too.

    You'll see a big improvement and you can leave them for days and weeks. It's not like the giga pets or some of the other ones that you have to keep alive and play with EVERY DAY!

  3. My daughter tells me too that if you take them all on vacation that will boost their health but the price of a vacation for all of them is dependent on how many webkinz you have.

  4. OK, if I was being COMPLETLY honest, I was just on Webkinz.

    And not for my kids, either.

  5. I have always, ALWAYS dreamed of having an Alice. Not the live-in, meddling, maid outfit part, but the cooking, cleaning, help with the Webkinz part :)

    Thanks for validating my wish!

  6. I've always said I need Alice to come live at my house! I call dibs.... :)

  7. IF you find Alice, clone her and send her to my house.


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