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A little show and tell. I’ve been working on a few custom orders this summer.
These ones are for Dana in Australia! (Etsy sure makes the world small.)
These quilts are for her daughter. They are a variation on the other aqua, red and pink quilts, without the pink. I really liked how they turned out! I almost decided to just keep them. :) I especially love that aqua chenille! I don’t know what I’m going to do when that stuff runs out!
All in all, a perfect summer project. Thanks again, Dana, for trusting me with this job. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Okay, now the talky part. I won’t be offended if you only come here for the mediocre pictures of quilts, so I’ll put one more at the bottom for you folks.

Summer is rolling along quickly. Friday was our last day of swimming lessons. A very happy experience for all involved. The kids made great progress and it was so nice to be able to just go and watch this year. In years past I’ve done a ‘mom and me’ class with the youngest child and by the time I get everyone changed, myself included, both before and after each 1/2 hour lesson, the morning was gone. This was a much more relaxing way of doing things. Hence the reason we signed up for a second session.

And just when I was starting to feel ready to enjoy some lazy last weeks of summer, our plans have drastically changed. We are suddenly buying a new house. I’m sure you are asking ‘How does one ‘suddenly’ by a new house?” One week ago today I could not have given you an answer to that question.

All I know is this: the possibility of buying another house has been on our radar for a while. Our current house has always been somewhat frustratingly dysfunctional. As the prices in this market have dipped considerably we’ve started to see what was out there in our price range. A week ago tonight I had totally put that notion on the back burner and decided to just get my kids ready for school. Then some quirky things happened on Monday that led me to a house listing online. We looked at it the next day, made an offer two days later and after a few counter offers, we are officially moving about 20 minutes away from where we live now. I don’t know what in the world I am going to do about my kids starting school, but somehow we’ll know the right thing to do. This I DO know, when something is right, God shows you the way and it just suddenly feels like the right path to take. And things can happen fast.

And why am I blathering on and on about this? Well it probably means blogging and etsy-ing get put on the back burner for a while longer. But I am thinking about having a tag-sale of sorts to get rid of some of my fabric. Because I’m not sure I want my husband (or anyone else) to know how much I really have. Yikes.


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    Very pretty quilts – I love the loopy swirls. And congrats on the new house!<br /><br />A few years ago we moved about 10 minutes up the road, closing on Halloween day – talking to both schools and sets of teachers, it was decided that the kids move schools as soon as possible. So they started in the new class about a month before we closed. It worked out great. You may want to talk to both

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    When things drop in your lap like that you know that Heavenly Father has a purpose in mind. Moving is always a challenge, but I&#39;m sure once you are in the new house you will understand why.<br />I wish I lived closer, so I could help you move fabric!

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    That quilt is just gorgeous! <br /><br />And best of luck with the move. I think quick life-changing events are better than long drawn-out ones. Like ripping off a band-aid – it&#39;s still a pain, but it&#39;s over with so much quicker! :-)

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    What beautiful quilts. I would never think to put those colours together but they work! Daria will love them. Good luck with the move! I am sure everything will work out for the best!<br />Take care! Paulette

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    I love the quilts, red and aqua are one of my very fave combos! I love the aqua chenille, wish I had some! Hope the move goes well for you, we are getting ready to move back to ca in nov and there is so much to do it is overwhelming!

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    I love the quilts, beautiful color combination. <br />I&#39;m still bummed that you are moving. I had visions of our girls being the best of friends. :) Good luck with the move, let me know if you need any help or need someone to take some fabric off your hands.

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    I feel for you on the whole house/moving thing. But you can&#39;t ignore when Heavenly Father paves the way for you. Just stay calm and remember to breathe when things (and you know they will) get hectic.

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    Hi Amy! My friend Julianne is doing the same thing you are. She had a great idea. Her old house is in a different school district that starts a full TWO weeks earlier. She&#39;s putting them in school for two extra weeks in the old district and then when they close, they&#39;ll start at their new school. She has four kids too – and she really needs the extra time to pack!<br /><br />PS – I

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    Lovely quilts! When Heavenly Father says it&#39;s time then its time! Everything will go nice and smoothly so don&#39;t worry…..And if you need extra fabric storage space you&#39;re more than welcome to ship bundles over the seas into my cupboard space…hahaha! Best of luck with the move! x x

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    That quilting is really neat, I had to look at the close up because I couldn&#39;t tell if it was the new fad of pebble quilting – very cool effect!<br /><br />Cheers,<br />Christine

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    Oh Amy…I think that is sooooo exciting….and since your kids are younger now is probably a really good time to move. Congratulations and remember….getting everything moved it the big thing…putting it all away can be done a little at a time!:) And….do the kids rooms first!:)<br />Best to you and yours!!

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    I love those quilts…, love, love them! Congratulations on your new house…you didn&#39;t describe it, but from your excitement, it must be more functional than the one you currently live in! Enjoy!

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    Beautiful quilts!<br />I wish you luck with your packing up and unpacking! It&#39;s a time to realize how many things you have that you didn&#39;t have a clue you had, it makes having a lot of fabric stash a minor problem… or not!

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    Your quilts look great! Congrats on the move – 20 minutes doesn&#39;t seem like much but packing up everything it doesn&#39;t really matter – does it? What a crazy way to end the busy summer :) fabric tag sale sounds fun, online?

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    If you have a tag sale or yard sale or whatever, ship me a line, please! And if you just want to smuggle your fabric from one house to the other, let me know. I&#39;ll come by with boxes, we can box a bunch up, I&#39;ll take them home and then deliver them to you safely after the move. Fabric stashes are important!

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    So are you moving north or south? I think you knew the same thing happened to us in May! Totally unexpected but we moved too, about 20 minutes south. Email me if you have a chance and we can compare notes. <br /><br />PS I hate moving. I&#39;m sorry you have to go through it too. :) The new house will be so much better! Ours is.

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    Beautiful combination of colors. I have started to collect reds and aquas and hope soon be able to make something with them.<br /><br />Congratulatin on the new house and good luck.

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    Love, Love, Love the Red &amp; Aqua quilt! I so want to make a quilt out of that color scheme…but well my list is too long. <br /><br />I know what you mean about moving fabric. My DH is in the military so we move every 3 years. This last move I was a little bit embarrased when the movers had to pack up all of my fabric!<br /><br />Good luck !

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    I&#39;m crazy about red &amp; aqua and plan on doing my nursery in it. Love this.<br /><br />Just found you through Design Mom and I&quot;m excited to follow your work. :)

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    I keep forgetting to ask…where did you get the swell fabrics in the quilt, or are they just from your stash? I used all mine up on doll blankets for other people and I am so wishing I could get more!

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    Love the red and aqua quilt! And congrats on the new home…we had something like that about 5 years ago…decided one day to sell our house…it sold in 17 days, and then we were off to build a new one. You do know when things like that are supposed to be!

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    Where is the new house at? Did you sell your house now? This is exciting really. It opens a new chapter for your family. We sold our home a week before school started 15 years ago when I had 7 little kids and was newly pregnant with #8. You can do it.

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