Friday, August 21, 2009

Signs that Summer is coming to an end . . .

The sunflowers are at their peak.
Even my pathetic little plant is giving us some fresh tomato goodness.

The package of water balloons is almost gone.

Oh yes, and school started today!

When my 3-year-old got up this morning he saw his big sister with her back pack on and said, "Summer is over?!" and I said, "kind of." Then he asked, "what's it called that comes next?" Me: "Fall." Him: "Oh yeah! Fall! I better go rake some leaves!" (only it sounded more like, "wake some weebs.") Fortunately we're not quite to the raking leaves point.
Another sign that summer is drawing to a close: No new pictures of quilts. [have you noticed?] I've been consciously trying to Live in the Moment. As a result, my sewing output has become non-existent. And that's. Okay. Living in the moment has been trickier still with trying to find time to start packing-up our house. Bleh. I feel somewhat overwhelmed by all that needs to be done in the next couple of weeks.

But I'm sticking to my commitment. Like on nights when there's a gorgeous rainbow display after a wonderful summer storm. I was so ready to put the kids to bed and just get on with what needed to be done. But I consciously chose to let them enjoy the beauty of the evening and when that same three-year-old asked if I would sit and watch him play t-ball in the garage (during the rain) I actually did it. And I'm glad.
I hope you are enjoying some wonderful end of summer moments.
What have been your favorite?


  1. AHH, seeing a rainbow is such a peaceful yet exciting event! We saw one this summer on our way to my mom's who lives about an hour away. ALl the kids were so excited and we began to dicuss Noah and the world wide flood. What a sweet time we had talking and enjoying God's provision and eternal promise! I hope your move will goes well.

  2. Best of luck with the move. Our summer is over even though our temps are still in the 100's. Hard to imagine.

  3. As I was reading your posting, Canadian Geese just flew over my house. At this time of year they start making 'practice runs'. They are VERY noisy, honking hello as they fly over. Our puppy was very frightened the first time they did this but now she is use to it and like us,stops what she is doing to watch them fly over. What beautiful birds! A sure sign that fall is just around the corner....
    Have a wonderful day! Paulette
    PS I am so glad that you are taking time out of your busy day to stop and watch/play with your's so easy to say'later' and before you know it he's all grown up and all the laters have gone!

  4. I've been watching the storms move across the lake with dark clouds overhead. It's not a summer storm any longer.

  5. Double rainbow....lucky you!:) That means your packing is going to be easier and more fun than you thought!;)

    Best part of the summer so far....right now here at my parents in Gloucester, VA, getting ready to have a big 55th anniversary bash tomorrow and Hurricane Bill is not stopping us! YEAH!

  6. Summer's almost over here, not quite tho. My favorite thing this summer has been all of the golfing my hubby and I have done together! And of course, all of the quilting I've been able to do!

  7. I have enjoyed your posts more than ANY others this summer. I am enjoying the last summer before my kids(5 and 4) start "real school". I started the summer with the goal of lots of quilting and blog posting but ended the summer with awesome memories with my family. The sewing machine has been pretty quiet but my camera is full! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  8. does he get to stay home and play?
    Amy do you have the off set block in a PDF format?? I am so visual that I have to print everything so I can remember how to do it.

  9. Beautiful ~ Enjoy all of the moments you can!

  10. I'm like simplest moments have been some of the sweetest! Check out some fun stuff on my blog!


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