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    Yep…a bit too far for me to travel too but I sure do appreciate the eye candy!:) Love to see what other people are finding…makes me more inspired to my goal of using up my old stash before I buy new stash!;o

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    The sales they have on fabric & kits at that Deseret Book (Mormon Handicraft) location are great! It's my best kept secret, and you are telling everyone! I'm glad so many people live too far away. :-)

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    Deseret Book has fabric? How weird. I never go to the mall so I'd never know. I haven't been there in ages. You'll love your new area. It is really nice in the north end of the county. I think you'll be really happy up here. You're so close you could visit our quilt group or join! We meet every last Tuesday of the month at 8:00 PM at the red church in town. If you

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