Another Garden Quilt Show

Remember this day? (I know. It’s the day I was kind of being a drama queen.)
Well I’m finally posting the pictures I took of the quilt show.
The quilt on the far left is one of mine.
Another wonderful yard. Lots of adorable details in the yard itself.

Wouldn’t you love a vintage stove with colorful watering cans in your yard?
And here are the quilts. Lots of great ones.
Most of these quilts were made by ladies in a quilt group that my mom is a part of.
(Although she hijacked a few of mine, so there may have been other usurpers.)
I love this little vintage cowboy quilt.

This quilt was started by my mom on September 11, 2001. She’d been planning it for a while and during that day of needing something comforting to occupy her hands and mind, she started working. This comes from a pattern by Peggy Waltman. I’m not sure if it’s still available or not.

I made the sunflower quilt in the background. It’s one of my favorites.

Repro-vintage aprons made my mom. Cute, huh?
(Can you see where I get my fabric/sewing love?)
The pink quilt on the left is one that I designed for American Quilting last winter.
I also cut all the kits for it, so it was fun to see one someone had put together.

And there you have it. Lovely, right?

Making progress and messes

I am starting to make some progress! Yay.

There is still much to be done, but it’s nice to no longer have deadlines and I can just move at my own (or my kids’) pace. I haven’t sewn in a month (besides the binding on that quilt) and I’m itching to go. Last week I started unloading my boxes of stuff and it got me so excited. I even spent some time at my kitchen table cutting squares Saturday night and I was in heaven. (Can you imagine how pathetic that last sentence would sound to a lot of people?? ha ha.) Felt so good to have that rotary cutter in my hand.

Here is one of my unpacking projects: my future sewing room! [Yes, a ROOM. That annoying high-pitched sound you hear is me trying to suppress a squeal so I don’t embarrass my family.] I always forget to take “before” pictures, but here you have one. Can’t wait to take “after” pictures. Or at least “progress” pictures.

Right after we closed on the house I came to walk through the empty house, knowing it was finally ours. I had my boys with me and they were walking around saying things like: “here is where we will put our couch and here is where we will put my bed . . .” when the youngest opened a closet in the basement and said, “Here is where we will put our monsters.”

at which point I thought to myself, “no. Here is where I will put my fabric.”
It could be that we were still talking about the same thing.

And speaking of my boys (which seems to be a lot recently) they are in heaven playing with the Styrofoam packing pieces and dad’s tools. They’ve been having a heyday. Part of me was thrilled that they were doing something that kept themselves happily entertained and exercising their creative juices. But I finally made them move to the back porch because I got tired of vacuuming up shredded Styrofoam. I should have taken a picture first – it looked like a snowstorm in our family room.

I wonder if my husband ever wishes he could move my fabric to the back porch? But then again, he’s probably happy to see me quietly entertaining myself sometimes too.

A new quilt

Remember when this was a blog about quilting?

Well, I finally have a new quilt to share. This one has been in the works for a while now.

Three years ago I made a baby quilt for American Quilting with some adorable retro-looking Fireman prints by Alexander Henry. I kept my own pieces and decided to save them to make a crib-sized quilt a little later. And it was one of those rare cases of being glad I waited because I no longer loved some of the prints I originally used. Instead I dipped into my American Janes which matched perfectly. (I love that Dalmatian print too!)

So this spring, with my little guy about to turn 3 and a lover of all things Fireman, I decided to pull out those pieces and finally finish that quilt. Which I did, except for the binding. My son loved it and carried it around for months without a binding. Then, during these last couple of weeks with moving delays and all my fabric and sewing stuff packed away, I needed some therapy and took the opportunity to finally bind this quilt.

The back.
Here is a close-up of a few pictures from the back.
Don’t you just love those happy little firemen and their mascot dog?
And now here is the quilt in its new home. The three-year-old graduated to the toddler bed when we moved. (Remember the bed here?) The pillow case is a thrifted vintage Merrimeko trucks that I bought last year and have been excited to pull out.

My little guy is obsessed with firefighters. He’s been known to wear his fire-helmet to the library (which I totally loved. Years ago one of my girls used to wear a tutu over her clothes everywhere we went and I used to be somewhat embarrassed by that. You can tell that I’m mellowing as a mother because I got the biggest kick out of the fire-helmet wearing.)

One day we drove past some firefighters and their truck and my little guy said, “Mom! I’m going to be a fireman when I grow up. Or . . . a dentist-guy.” Hmm. So let me know if anyone comes across any cute, retro-dentist fabric. :)

On the move

This is not us. But it’s pretty close. lol. Just a funny picture I stole from my sister, who borrowed it from someone else. :)

Finally checking in. Man, moving is a pain. I told my husband on Saturday that I decided moving reminds me of having a baby: you pretty much lose a lot of dignity or privacy, and afterward you are exhausted. And despite all brave plans to do it on your own, in the final moments of desperation, you gratefully accept the help of many other people. Many other people, who have been so generous and thoughtful. We couldn’t have done it without them.

So here we are. Saturday night we pretty much felt like we were camping (only with indoor plumbing.) By Sunday night we had beds set up. Monday we figured out how to get hot water again. Yesterday we finally got our phone line working and today I am back online. Maybe tomorrow we’ll have the 4-pronged outlet switched out and we can have our washer and dryer functioning. Baby steps, but we’re getting there. Maybe I’ll even sew again one day. :)

Thanks for all of your well wishes. It’s nice to be back. And it’s also lovely to send my darlings off to school, waving from the front porch.