Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Garden Quilt Show

Remember this day? (I know. It's the day I was kind of being a drama queen.)
Well I'm finally posting the pictures I took of the quilt show.
The quilt on the far left is one of mine.

Another wonderful yard. Lots of adorable details in the yard itself.

Wouldn't you love a vintage stove with colorful watering cans in your yard?

And here are the quilts. Lots of great ones.
Most of these quilts were made by ladies in a quilt group that my mom is a part of.
(Although she hijacked a few of mine, so there may have been other usurpers.)

I love this little vintage cowboy quilt.

This quilt was started by my mom on September 11, 2001. She'd been planning it for a while and during that day of needing something comforting to occupy her hands and mind, she started working. This comes from a pattern by Peggy Waltman. I'm not sure if it's still available or not.
I made the sunflower quilt in the background. It's one of my favorites.

Repro-vintage aprons made my mom. Cute, huh?
(Can you see where I get my fabric/sewing love?)

The pink quilt on the left is one that I designed for American Quilting last winter.
I also cut all the kits for it, so it was fun to see one someone had put together.

And there you have it. Lovely, right?


  1. What a fun quilt show. I totally loved seeing all of the wonderful quilts and the garden is stunning. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Beautiful yard. And the quilts are wonderful. I can see your mom led you into this fun world. What a great thing to be able to share with her. I loved the vintage aprons in a row.

  3. It is so much fun to look at the beautiful garden and all the lovely quilts! I love to show quilts in my garden thank you for sharing all the nice pictures.

  4. VERY lovely- enjoyed the quilts and the lovely garden! Thanks for sharing!

  5. It really doesn't get much better than looking at quilts in a beautiful garden setting. We were at a show in a huge nursery this weekend. Stunning.

    I REALLY like your pink quilt. It's gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful! Great garden/yard and lovely quilts and gorgeous weather!

  7. Great way to display all those beautiful quilts. We have an annual quilt show at a local nursery and I think the setting is perfect for it. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Yes, lovely! Did I miss some info? was it for a fund raiser? who sponsored it?

  9. Thanks for sharing. I love looking at quilts. These are all beautiful.

  10. I love all of the quilts, they are my style completely. When I want to make my next quilt I will refer to this post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a wonderful setting to show the quilts!! They are gorgeous!

  12. this is beautiful and so so fun...i love love your moms aprons

  13. I wished i lived closer i would come over & borrow a quilt or two lol they are great well done
    Hugs Janice

  14. A gorgeous yard and beautiful quilts! I love the pink one you designed!

  15. I would love to attend one of these garden quilt shows!!

  16. Thanks for showing us the beautiful collection of quilts in a lovely setting!

    By the way, check out this mini-quilt giveaway for a 100th blog post

    Deadline is Friday! Pass the word.

  17. Oh yes, you are so right. So incredibly lovely. I truly am in love with quilts. I hope it never ends. I want an eternal relationship with quilts and quilting.

  18. Hi Amy, this was my garden. we recently moved to Alpine and my son is living in our Highland home. Leaving my garden was a bit difficult for me but we are loving our new home. Thanks for featuring our Quilt Show on your blog and for your nice comments. We love having your mother in our guild!


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