It was the best of days, it was the worst of days. . . but mostly best. OR: I get by with a little help from my [blogging] friends

I knew today was going to be crazy and I wasn’t really sure if I was going to pull it off, but I was willing to give it a shot.

First the best: today I met Heather Bailey! Wow. I attended part of the Touchpoint Conference for women. Part of me felt so out of place among well-heeled business women and the other part of me felt motivated just being with them. Heather’s presentation was so inspirational. I promise a near-future post on that subject. I also briefly met in person other bloggers I’ve enjoyed for sometime: Pamela, Marie, Sarah Jane, and Allison (who was Guest-Mom-ing at Design Mom this week.) I am always amazed at how fun it is to meet other bloggers in real life and how genuine and great they are. Especially when I feel like such a stalker/wannabe. :)

(And because I was rushing in and out, I didn’t get any pictures. Plus I still feel a little tacky whipping out a camera sometimes. So I have no proof. Hopefully you don’t think I’m just making all this up.)

From there I frantically rushed to get my 5-year-old to Kindergarten and then swing by the garden quilt show that my mom’s quilt group was hosting in the same area. [Teaser photo above and more to come.] And following that I was off to close on our house! Life was crazy but I was feeling good.

Then my husband called. The lady in charge of processing our loan with the lender (the one who just went out of town recently and didn’t pass our file on to anyone else while she was gone!) had neglected a disclosure document that needed to be signed (and could have been done weeks ago) with mandatory 4 DAY waiting period attached before we can close. So we can’t sign papers until next Wednesday. Which means rescheduling everything AGAIN. [I felt like such a heel calling the carpet installers. Again. Now we either postpone 2 weeks or move into only half the house.] I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. Goal line yanked AGAIN. (Sorry, I feel like such a drama queen.)

Well, my wise husband decided it was a night for getting take out from Costa Vida (a rare treat) and heading up to a park on the river in Provo Canyon. I was feeling so discouraged and frustrated but as I sat there watching my happy kids playing I started thinking about a recent post by Nie going up that same canyon and suddenly all my pathetic little woes were put in perspective.

So. . . we’ll move eventually. Having this house mostly boxed-up means less clutter. (Or at least it should.)
And in the mean time, those 40 minute round trips to the school include views like this.
And this. I think I can handle that.

And now I’m going to go do something I haven’t done in too long: Sew.
Best therapy I have.


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    Oh, I hope you get to sew. A lot! How great to meet Heather Bailey…I bet it was very inspirational…I would have felt the same way you described…very inspired to be there…but perhaps a little out of place! I'll look forward to your post on the conference! I bought the pattern for the quilt on the far left in your first picture…can't wait to make it!

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    it was DELIGHTFUL meeting you today. i wish i had photographic evidence of the fact myself, but never ever feel foolish whipping out your camera!<br /><br />where are you moving? i hate the whole process, it&#39;s quite stressful…

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    oh no, that lender is useless. How does she get to keep her job? Bleurgh.<br />But those views make my heart sing. That has to be a consolation of sorts, surely?

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    I think everything gets much better when you eat Costa Vida. My son-in-law owns two Costa&#39;a in the Phoenix area, and we love their food! <br />How fun to meet Heather Bailey, and yes I believe you. My heart is with you on the house situation. Sometimes not knowing &quot;when&quot; (the uncertainty) can be the hardest part.

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    So sorry to hear the deadline was pushed again. Have no fear it will end soon. But in the meantime, enjoy your sewing and the views to and from school.

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    Tacky Smacky….if you want a picture take a picture!:) I would think people would feel good that you want to record that moment!:)<br /><br />Sorry about the dumb-de-dum-dum lender….go ahead and move into half a house, this will give you time to be there for a little bit and slowly put things where you want them!:)<br /><br />Sew chickie Sew!:)

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    Poor you with the delays, especially the unnessary ones, so frustrating. Your views are pretty spectacular though! Love the old yellow quilt, such a treasure. And about that light-house? I&#39;ve always told my girls I&#39;m retiring to either an island or the top of a mountain, somewhere I can sew uninterrupted until called to the great hereafter!

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    It&#39;s like being told that you have to wait two more weeks before the doctor with induce you. Yuck! I&#39;m so sorry about the delays but as you&#39;re being quite positive and looking at the bright side of things, I know you&#39;ll do just fine and the time will pass.<br /><br />I remember commuting with the kids in Bay Area traffic 1 hour and 15 minutes or more each way each day for school.

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    Too bad about the wait on your house! That seems to be the way these things go, unfortunately.<br /><br />So cool that you got to meet Heather B. She is like a star in the craft world! :)

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