Reality is setting in

Remember when I said I was planning a big etsy update at the end of the summer?
Well, I recklessly made that statement less than a week before we suddenly found a new house and decided to move. (Lesson learned.) Many of you have been asking about more aqua, red, and pink quilt kits. The pieces are all cut and I was planning to assemble them in August, but with the drastic change of plans this event will be postponed. Sorry. The good news is: the pieces are cut and once we are living in our new house and I’m not making three 40 minute round trips to the new school every day I should be able to throw these babies together quickly. Thank you for your patience.

It has been very cathartic to pack all of our earthly belongings. (“Hah!” you snigger, “Just wait until the bitter end. . . “) Which, truthfully, I haven’t got to the bitter end yet and expect to be extremely sick of looking at boxes by then, but in the mean time I am purging like it’s going out of style. Just gave away our high chair and changing table. And more. And it feels SO GOOD.

It has also been a great chance to play with, I mean, go through all my fabric stash. And I plan to purge a lot of that too. So watch out, etsy.

(Remember this quilt? Truthfully, I didn’t! Embarassing. But I was so happy to see it again and there it is, ready to go to its new home.)

In the mean time our house is covered with boxes and my boys are in heaven. They are building labyrinths, caves, cannons, and condominium complexes for their stuffed animals in the living room. Perfect because I am packing up (and getting rid of some of) the toys. And then when we unpack them in a few weeks: Voila! New toys again!

And just in case we need to mount up quickly and head for the hills, we are ready.

Because you never know when an egg carton, water bottle, plastic knife, sand shovel and water balloon might come in handy.
We’re prepared.


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    It is good to move once in a while I guess. Right now we are going from room to room cleaning my house in anticipation of guests and parties next month for the new baby and wedding. I hate it but I will love it when it is done. Life is like that isn't it?

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    Good Luck with the move! I do think sorting through the fabric looks like fun though. It will be so nice when you are finished and have everything sorted.

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    Moving and going through things is so much work but I always love it when it is done. I actually don't mind going through things, it just seems that there is never quite enough time and energy for me! Take care!

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    Hahahahah….love the eggcarton creation. Had a good chuckle about you having fun going through and getting rid of stuff…we have our lives packed in the basement, haven't seen some of that stuff for 19 years (hubby is building our house, we live above garage)and our daughter said she needed to spend some quality time with me and how would I like to start going through, with her of course, a

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    I think it's therapudic to move every once in a while. Out with the old and in with the new. When we moved to St. G three years ago, I downsized to 1/2 the house and got rid of so much stuff. Would you believe I haven't missed one thing?

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    i LOVE the fabrics for the red, pink & aqua…. if after your move you happen to find scraps or left-overs you want to put on etsy, I'm your girl! good luck!

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    Good luck with your move!<br />We just sold our house too and are going to be swimming in boxes! I told my husband my sewing room is being packed up last! Not that I will get much done but even if I get to escape for 30 min is therapy for me :-)

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    Moving will do that to you. Purging sometimes is a great thing. You find new things and get rid of things that you know your really don&#39;t need. I think I need to saddle up now, can I borrow the egg carton for a while?

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    Good luck with your move – love checking out your blog and am always excited when it&#39;s near the top of my blog list, i.e. there&#39;s a new post :)<br /><br />Cheers,<br />Christine

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    I stopped by American Quilting yesterday…what a great shop! And the woman who helped me was so friendly!!! Moving is so much work…I don&#39;t envy you at all!

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    I was telling a friend a similiar story yesterday about boys creating with random objects and she just laughed. She has three little girls who are religious about their barbies. So…your post just proved my point. Boys are the best and have the best imaginations. (sorry, girls of the universe, no offense!)

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