Would you like to live in a lighthouse?

I think I would like to live in a lighthouse if it looked like this.

And had a quilt like this.
I loved the white beadboard paneling everywhere.

My girls loved this little attic room. Pretty dreamy, huh?
But then, there was no fog horn going off ever few minutes.

These pictures came from a ‘drum’ lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.
I figured they would be a lot more inspiring than the pile of boxes that surround me at the moment.

I hope you’ve had a Happy Labor Day (US holiday.)
We have definitely spent the day laboring.
And now I’m ready for a bath.


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    funny that you visited a lighthouse recently. We took some of our friends who were her on a visit to the lighthouse about 1/2 hour away in Newport, Oregon. And the rooms were made up very similar to the ones in your photos. <br />Those lighthouses were beautiful little homes a long time ago! It&#39;s always fun to imagine life in them with a family.

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    Oooo, I want to live in a lighthouse! Lol! Hope the packing up is going well, remember I&#39;m always here for extra storage…just ship it my way…lol!!<br />Love Wendy x

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    That&#39;s what I hate most about the moving. Boxes and Messes!!! I hope it&#39;s over quickly and you get settled in and back to the routine.

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