Happy Halloween

I hope you all had a happy Halloween whereever you are.
If Halloween is even celebrated where you are. :)
We had a successful (busy) weekend here.
Hooray for Daylight Savings tomorrow.
I’m off to enjoy my extra hour of sleep.
(That is if my kids let me, but not getting my hopes up.)

Monday: back to business and finally catching up on lots of emails
and possibly writing blogposts that are actually somewhat interesting.

Toadstools and tutorials

For a while now I’ve been collecting toadstool tutorials.
So I thought I’d share.
The cute little guy above is found on The Storque by etsy.
This beauty is by LucyKate Crafts.This little cutie is from How About Orange . . .
This one requires no sewing skills at all – just a steady hand with a paring knife.
It’s a radish! Found here.

Now, you’re wondering what in the world Toadstools have to do with Halloween.
I give you Martha:

Is that the greatest or what? (And don’t miss the snail out of a cucumber!)
So if you were blessed with an abundant squash harvest this year, you too can create adorable, trendy, Halloween decorations!

Today is full of Halloween parades and class parties. Fortunately I didn’t have to pull an all-nighter on any costumes. They were all finished in time for a party at church on Wednesday night. It was kind of nice to have an early deadline to prevent last minute scrambling. But I have to admit, by Saturday night I will be ready for Halloween to be done.

PS – I haven’t had the chance yet to thank anyone personally for the great party food suggestions.
You folks really saved my bacon. Bless you cyber-friends!

A glimpse of today

Halloween costumes under construction.
Look at that little pile of Happy Camper fabric waiting patiently for its turn.

This can’t be good for pumpkins.

While we’re on the subject of Halloween, my assignment is to bring ‘finger-food’ to the 5th Grade (10 year olds) class party on Friday. I want to bring something besides candy because I figure there will be ample amounts of that this weekend. Does anyone have any good suggestions, links, ideas?

Finished plaid quilt (and other random stuff)

First, a picture of a recent finish. Woo!
(Because this is first and foremost a quilting blog.)
I’m pleased with the orange border and blue binding.
A good snuggly fallish quilt.

Many thanks for the swine flu well wishes. I think we’re on the mend. (fingers crossed.)

(Disclaimer: Sorry the rest of this has nothing whatsoever to do with quilting.) For you other SYTYCD (so you think you can dance) people: nothing like a show full of good dance (Wade!) to end a day of: taking care of sick and cranky people at the same time as you try to finish all the final fall yard work before it snows tomorrow. Whew. Mandi Moore’s choreography made me full-on grin. At first I wasn’t sure what to think when she didn’t choreograph to some classic 80’s hit, but man, Viva La Vida was awesome. Oh wow – that is how I want to dance in heaven. If I tried it now my children would start yelling, “MOM! STOP!” plus I’d probably throw my back out or dislocate a hip joint or something worse. And cute Ryan Di Lello. A few years ago my husband used to occasionally teach classes at BYU and Ryan was one of his students. (My husband taught Intro to Public Relations, not Advanced Latin Ballroom – although that would be pretty cool. Not that Public Relations isn’t sexy too.) A short time later my husband was in charge of the youth group at church and asked Ryan to come teach a class in some basic partner dance moves. I was there. He is a really nice guy. So that is my brush with SYTYCD fame. And there you go.

Now, onto finishing Halloween costumes!