Autumn thrift-store goodness

The month before we moved I made multiple trips to the local thrift store to drop-off loads of items we no longer wanted or needed. And each time I went I showed HUGE restraint and did not go in because the last thing I needed while I was packing all our earthly belongings was more stuff to pack.

Except for the one time I did go in. I told myself I was just going to nonchalantly walk by the sheets in case there were any really great vintage pieces. And . . . nope! I was safe. As I was valiantly trying to make my way to the door, the bake ware aisle gently beckoned, and I succumbed. I told myself that the last thing I needed at that moment was more breakable items to pack. Sheets would be one thing – I could even justify them by using them for padding. But not Pyrex.

I felt pretty certain I wouldn’t find anything great because I hadn’t the last times I’d checked. But instead, there was a mother load this time. So I severely limited myself to these two. Because the colors were so wonderful and fallish. And frankly, they were a steal. And I had a 30% off coupon. And 30% off cheap is really cheap.

Look how pretty they look with my other bowls.
I’m so pleased with how the colors mix together.
Perfect for this time of year.
And really, the red and green add so much depth to that stack.
So worth it.


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    Bwhahahahaha….That&#39;s too funny that you post about thrift shops and sheets and holding yourself back…or not…..that&#39;s what I always do, take bags of stuff and don&#39;t go in but today I AM going in and look for sheets!!:)<br /><br />Nice looking stack you have there!;)

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    I love the warm colors! I found some at the D.I. (Deseret Industries) for 1.50 each in shades of blue! I love them. Reminds me of my childhood! And they have so many uses! I&#39;m proud of my deal of the century! :)

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    I&#39;m a self proclaimed thrift store ninja. So to read this post makes me literally drool…that and put on my shoes &amp; run off in the next moment to the closest thrift store!

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    i know we&#39;re friends and all but this might be the one thing that pushes us to best friend mode…that&#39;s if you give me those lovlies you found there! <br />oh my heavens!<br />where were they? <br />i&#39;ll have to post about the vintage aprons i found at savers soon! 😉

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    I have quite the collection of pyrex myself. I have really had to limit any new pieces due to limited space, but when I get them as gifts, because my friends know I love it….then I don&#39;t have to say no. Good finds.

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