Friday, October 2, 2009

Bliss and a confession

Amidst all the hubbub of last week my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. We first met each other 14 1/2 years ago in England where we were both volunteering as Mormon missionaries. At the time we were visiting some historical sites in a big group and we had one brief, awkward conversation. But it was enough so that when we met again a year and a half later when I was back in school, we knew the other person and started to have more-frequent, less-awkward conversations. And here we are, quite happy these many years later.

Last year we had the incredible opportunity to go back to England for the first time in all those many years and this time we went together. And it just happened to fall on our anniversary. So we took this picture in that same park (Avenham Park in Preston, Lancashire) where we first met. Pretty dreamy, huh? I still can't believe we really did it.

I am a pretty lucky woman. And not just because I got to go back to England last year. I am married to an amazing man. One of my favorite quotes from a woman I adore, Marjorie Hinckley, in talking about her husband, is, "He gave me freedom and let me fly." I echo those sentiments about my own husband. I feel so grateful to be his partner in life.

Shall I just tell you one of the things he does? I fear that by revealing this information I might have to make him go into the witness protection program so that no one tries to steal him. As you know by now, I work at a quilt store every Saturday afternoon. Not only does he support me in this thing that I love doing, but he makes pizza every Saturday night for dinner when I get home. I know!

Okay, here's the confession part. It has nothing to do with my husband. But with a quilt.
This is a quilting blog, after all.

This is the quilt I made for our wedding 12 years ago. The first time I really attempted piecing a quilt this size on my own. I've always liked Double Irish Chains and so I gave it a go. It a wasn't perfect piecing job - my mom cleaned it up a little - but I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Here's a close up of the colors: dark green, pink and purple. Same colors as our wedding reception. (Does that scream 1997 to you? Are you having flashbacks of Princess Di and hearing Hootie and the Blowfish songs in your head?)

The most amazing part? My mom and her sweet friend hand-quilted almost the whole thing! Such beautiful work.

So here's the confession: I said I would finish the borders and I've never done it. In fact the basting is still in the quilt. Is that pathetic or what? And now I'm in a quandary. Because I just haven't felt like hand quilting the borders - at least not something that would do justice to the rest of the quilting job. Do I get it machine quilted at this point? I have a friend who would do a beautiful job, but would that ruin the integrity of the quilt to have both hand and machine quilting? I don't know. So year after year, I do nothing. Input and opinions are welcome. Maybe I should make it a goal to finally finish this quilt by my next anniversary.

PS We didn't do much spendy stuff this anniversary since a new house counts as a pretty great present. But thanks to a friend of my husband's we were invited to an opening night of a swanky new restaurant in Provo called Communal where they treated us to all kinds of goodness. Nice. The food was excellente - my favorite was the local fresh tomatoes in oil and balsamic vinegar. Very nice.If you're local, I highly recommend. Mmm.

Happy weekend friends. I'm looking forward to it!


Lori Sume said...

Happy anniversary and happy house to you and Michael!

i love the photo of you two walking together hand in hand. so sweet. that new restaurant sounds great!

Laurie Anne said...

What a wonderful pic of you and your hubby and what a lovely blog post. My heart is all aflutter :)

Do you know anyone who could hand quilt for you? could you resign to do a little every once in a while?

Funny because one of my posts today is called "the quilt that never ends..." LOL

You have me hankering for Tomatoes now...
Have a great weekend!

Simply Sandy said...

Happy anniversary. What a wonderful story and a great husband!
I agree with Laurie Anne. I think hand quilting is in order. Break it down into doable (is that a word?) sections and you'll be happy you hand quilted it.

Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary! I just love your story. So nice that you met up again once you were back in the U.S. and got your happy ending. I love the quilt, in fact, I love the Irish Chain too. I made one for my hubby (our bed) when I got my first long arm 9 years ago. So here is my humble opinion on the quilting part. I think if you desire to have it machine quilted there is nothing wrong with combining the two techniques. In fact, currently I am working on a customer's quilt where she specifically asked me to machine quilt only certain parts so that she can hand quilt the others. I also have received hand quilted quilts to finish by machine. They look great and my customers are so happy they are completed. I hope this helps in making your decision.

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

Lucky you to have such a neat story. Scott and I met in my dorm room. I was in my pajamas and somehow he saw past the was plaid pants and XL class of '91 shirt. We aren't planning to go back and revisit that moment in time.

Happy anniversary. May 1997 always live in your heart and on your bedspread. It's beautiful no matter the color scheme!

paulette said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely story. Your wedding quilt is beautiful and yes I would finish it off with hand quilting if I were you. Buy a quilting hoop (I bought mine for $3 at a thrift shop!) and do a little now and again and before you know it-it will be done. It's a fairly dark border so mark it with a chalk pencil or use a sliver of soap and keep it simple. Maybe a straight line going across the border. Use a ruler to mark it. You will be so please when it's finished.
Take care!

The Martinez Family said...

Happy Anniversary. Beautiful quilt.

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Look at you two! So sweet :)

Your quilt is gorgeous - I say finish it however you can! It needs to be adored :)

Nedra said...

Love the story of how you two met and how happy you still are after all these years. Congratulations on the Anniversary.
I would suggest completing the quilt by getting someone to finish the hand quilting for you. I think it would be worth the money spent, especially because the quilt holds such sentimental value.
Hey, those 80's fabrics will be back before we know it.

searchfamilies said...

Happy Anniversary, am glad that you had a good one last year in the UK we are fairly friendly not too heathen lol
The food looks good, some of these posh places or chefs i said i love to go to & try but they so expensive so if i could for free just in case i didn't like it lol
Well hope that you will have many more happy years together & you will finish your quilt
Hugs Janice

Aunt Spicy said...

That Photo is AMAZING! Wow! and the quilt is just gorgeous as well! Anniversary, new house...I hope the goodness keeps flowing your way!

Petit Debutant said...

I think you should finish the quilt your way. That way when you pass it on to one of your kids it has some of your mom and some of you.

DeeRoo said...

OK, here's my 2 cents.....maybe, no....10 cents....

1st...I couldn't see all your photos, just the one of you two in the park (too cute) then the last one of the tomato salad (yummy)...I'm still waiting for the others to come up but wanted to comment on what you said...Congrats on your Anniversary and finding a kindred spirit!!
2nd....hand finish that quilt girl!! I have ONE quilt that I totally hand pieced, it is all basted and waiting to be has been like that for 10 years!! Now that I have learned how to FMQ I could do that but since this is the one and only quilt that I hand pieced (because I am DEFINATELY never doing that again!) I would like it to be hand-finished and I will be disappointed if it isn't so this is what is going to sister-in-law has the old family quilting frame and we are going to load that puppy up and all the women-folk in the family (because the guys aren't interested) are going to sit around one weekend and finish that bad boy!:) And I will be forever grateful and happy that I have a hand-pieced quilt touched with love by my family!!
So just DO IT!!!

3 sweet P's said...

How cool is this? After the e-mail I send you and it was YOUR aniversary with a very special quilt! I love the quilt, it holds such sentimental value it doesn't matter if it looks like a 90's flashback!! You did a great job on it. And Happy Anniversary!

and P.S. aren't those guys who cook amazing? I have one too! were lucky ladies!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the pic of you guys in the park... sweet!

The quilt is beautiful!! I think it should be at the top of your list to get it completed. I'm sure you will be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief and happiness when it's all done.

Barb said...

Happy anniversary! I love hearing stories of couples who are doing well. I want everyone to be as happy as I am (20+ yrs)
Love love love the tomato salad.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a sweet post. Sweet sweet. Lovely quilt.