Depression and some concessions

Do you see what I see? At the tops of those peaks?
Yup. Snow.

Night before last I woke-up during the night listening to a loud storm outside my window and mourned the loss of summer. I was wearing flip-flops Tuesday and yesterday I put on socks for the first time in months. We had a sudden 40 degree drop in temperature. September is my favorite month and it lived up to all its glory this year. Thank you September. We’ll probably have a few more pleasant days before real winter comes, but yesterday’s weather was an unpleasant reminder of that pending reality.

But all is not totally lost. Since it was too cold to go out that afternoon I was forced to stay in and unpack more stuff. I know, it looks like it was a miserable job.

I decided now was the time to finally get my fabric piles looking pretty. So I set up a little play tent for the 3-year-old and went to work while he cheerfully hunted food for us to survive on. It was a happy little hour before everyone came home and it was time to supervise piano practicing, homework, snacks, fights over whether to watch The Brady Bunch or Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, and dinner preparation.

And one other little gift to make me feel better on a cold, dreary day: when I went to put on my raincoat yesterday morning I found a package of jelly beans left from last spring in the pocket. So things do even out.


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    Oooooo! I&#39;m rubbing my hands with glee just <i>looking</i> at those stacks of beauty! So many darling darling pieces! Which does cause me to wonder… when you purchase a fabric, do you have a standard amount that you usually go for? Or does it vary each time just depending upon how much you love the fabric? <br /><br />I&#39;ve been trying to figure out what I do and it seems like I&#

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    those are some pretty piles of fabric. I&#39;m glad I don&#39;t live in UT anymore, I don&#39;t miss the snow!<br />It&#39;s been getting cold in the mornings here 55-ish but by lunch time it is back to 75-ish Gotta love the south fro something, that something is called FALL!!!

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    ah, i remember those cold snow days in utah.<br /><br />it use to snow on my birthday, IN MAY.<br /><br />now i just have rain.<br /><br />i see pretty fabric that i want in your stack.<br /><br />lucky lucky!

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    From the looks of things, you&#39;re getting more of a fall than we are! I keep hoping it&#39;ll shape up but so far there about about 4 total trees that have changed. The rest are just dropping dead leaves. Weird. It can still happen.

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    I was looking at the mountains this morning while I drove the kids to school and I thought how weird they looked with snow on the top and red leaved trees below. Crazy weather indeed! Love the fabrics, it makes me want to do the same. The only problem is I don&#39;t have all those pretty quilting fabrics to display.

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    I couldn&#39;t wait to see the mtns this morning to see if they had been dusted with snow but alas, no. :( Hey, don&#39;t focus on WINTER, it is just fall afterall. Enjoy the season!! Lovely stack of fabric you have there.

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    Waawaawaaa….whoa is me….I have these BEEEEUTIFUL mountains to look at every morning and they have a little powdered sugar on them…waawaawaa!;) It was 45 degrees this morning…in VA!! <br /><br />Yes, I am curious too…when you buy fabric do you have a rhyme or a reason about how much? And also, you are sorting that fanfreakintastic stash of yours…how do you sort it? By collection or

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    Those fabric stacks look wonderful…sorry for your drop in temperature…but we sure needed it! First time we&#39;ve been below 90 during the day since May!

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    what beautiful stacks. I spy a lot of my favourites in there.<br /><br />I wish I could see snowy mountain tops. I can see a grey and wet field, and some trees.

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    oh so many pretties in your stack there! The weather has turned cold here too, highs of 50. we turned our heat on sep.30th, that mad me sad!

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    A few people asked if I have a system for how much fabric I buy. I wish I did! :) If it&#39;s something I like but I have no idea what I&#39;m going to do with it (yet) I buy a half yard of a fat quarter. If I find stuff that is 50-75% off I tend to buy a little more so I have pieces for borders, backs, etc. Most of my fabric purchasing is decided purely on how little money I have to spend to

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