Finished plaid quilt (and other random stuff)

First, a picture of a recent finish. Woo!
(Because this is first and foremost a quilting blog.)
I’m pleased with the orange border and blue binding.
A good snuggly fallish quilt.

Many thanks for the swine flu well wishes. I think we’re on the mend. (fingers crossed.)

(Disclaimer: Sorry the rest of this has nothing whatsoever to do with quilting.) For you other SYTYCD (so you think you can dance) people: nothing like a show full of good dance (Wade!) to end a day of: taking care of sick and cranky people at the same time as you try to finish all the final fall yard work before it snows tomorrow. Whew. Mandi Moore’s choreography made me full-on grin. At first I wasn’t sure what to think when she didn’t choreograph to some classic 80’s hit, but man, Viva La Vida was awesome. Oh wow – that is how I want to dance in heaven. If I tried it now my children would start yelling, “MOM! STOP!” plus I’d probably throw my back out or dislocate a hip joint or something worse. And cute Ryan Di Lello. A few years ago my husband used to occasionally teach classes at BYU and Ryan was one of his students. (My husband taught Intro to Public Relations, not Advanced Latin Ballroom – although that would be pretty cool. Not that Public Relations isn’t sexy too.) A short time later my husband was in charge of the youth group at church and asked Ryan to come teach a class in some basic partner dance moves. I was there. He is a really nice guy. So that is my brush with SYTYCD fame. And there you go.

Now, onto finishing Halloween costumes!


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    Hi Amy! I love your fall quilt. Simple design, wonderful result. I'm glad that your family are in flu recovery. Just last night my oldest was over visiting he's(27) we started talking about their 'illnesses' as kids. Amazingly, they are some of the funniest stories now.

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    Congrats on a finish. Always such a good feeling. I haven't been following SYTYCD, but it sounds like it's been a good year. I'll have to tune in to see Ryan.

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    Awesome, what is it about plaid that is so comforting….oh, I know….that&#39;s what my carpenter husband wears everyday!:)<br /><br />Cranky sick people….not fun but definately not their fault…hope you stay well!!

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    Love your mini quilt. Doesn&#39;t it feel great to get something completed!<br /><br />Anyway, hope you guys are feeling better. It looks like the &quot;crude&quot; has hit our house!

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    Amy, your quilt is a PERFECT fall snuggle item!I love it!The orange border is a perfect compliment to all the browns.Fantastic job!<br /><br />And about sytycd, I love that show!I will just live vicariously through those beautiful dancers.I wish that I was half as talented as they are, dance is a true form of art.

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    I know someone who knows Ryan Di Lello. It&#39;s like I&#39;M on the show! That&#39;s one of those shows I MUST WATCH THE DAY IT AIRS. Of course, It&#39;s never at the time it airs. It&#39;s usually like 10:30 pm, but it&#39;s always worth it. I can&#39;t get through it without crying though. It&#39;s just too beautiful.

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    Sweet quilt!! I think homespuns make any quilt extra special.<br /><br />Glad to hear you are on the mend…sounds like swine flu is making its way around…seems many in blogland are suffering with it.

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    The quilt is very &quot;fall-ish.&quot; Love the plaids and the border.<br /><br />SYTYCD: I&#39;m WAY behind. I&#39;m tempted to skip the Las Vegas pre-rounds. Should I catch up on those? Or should I just start with the current episodes? Dilemma…

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    Glad you guys are getting better. Your plaid quilt is so cute and a perfect finish for Fall. I love SYTYCD! Fun that you have met one of the dancers.

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    sorry about the swine flu stuff. Someone I know has it and I&#39;m hoping we don&#39;t get it, too. But just think: at least you&#39;ll be done with it before the holiday season begins!

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    Love this quilt! I&#39;ve always wanted to make a plaid quilt- yours looks lovely! <br />Hey, wanted to let you know I&#39;ll be posting more wallets in the next day or two, or I love making custom orders so if she spotted another fabric in my shop- I could most likely do that too! <br />Have a great day :)

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    Love this quilt. I have been saving all different plaid shirts of my son and husbands do make a quilt, but I was stumped for what kind of pattern to do. I love the simplicity of your blocks and the finished quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Anonymous says

    By chance would you be able to tell me the measurement of one square? Or maybe if you used a pattern you could tell me the name of it? I am kind of new to quilting and this looks like a relatively simple quilt to make, and I love all of the plaid flannel. <br />Thanks<br />P.S. I love reading your blog, so many beautiful quilts and fun projects.

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    Dear Anonymous,<br /><br />I&#39;m hoping you see this comment because I&#39;m not sure how else to reach you! I started with 6&quot; squares. It is a super easy pattern to make too! Go to the Hour-Glass block tutorial and just follow it through to making the half-square triangle blocks (not cutting again to make the hour-glass blocks.) I think you&#39;ll love it.<br /><br />Thanks so much for

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