A glimpse of today

Halloween costumes under construction.
Look at that little pile of Happy Camper fabric waiting patiently for its turn.

This can’t be good for pumpkins.

While we’re on the subject of Halloween, my assignment is to bring ‘finger-food’ to the 5th Grade (10 year olds) class party on Friday. I want to bring something besides candy because I figure there will be ample amounts of that this weekend. Does anyone have any good suggestions, links, ideas?


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    I always used to sign up to take a veggie tray with dip…and I was always surprised how happy the kids were to see it and eat it! Yes, those quilt fabrics look like they're patiently waiting!

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    Can it be homemade or does it have to be pre-packaged? My kids school only lets store bought, but if you can do homemade, i would do mini cupcakes. they are perfect for lttle hands and who doesn't love cake? If you check out Martha Stewarts site she has TONS of fun little cupcake ideas.And good luck w/ the costumes!

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    I got lots of good ideas from the Better Homes & Gardens web site last year…I was cooking for a house full of sorority girls. I made them bat wings (chicken wings), mummy wraps (pigs in blankets), veggies and swamp dip (spinach dip), and marshmallow bones with blood-red hot chocolate. That last one is from Martha Stewart. Happy haunting… :)

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    i was so depressed when it stared to snow on my this morning on my walk. not fun at 6 am…but the day just got colder..<br /><br />i want to get in bed under the covers and not move. thank heavens i don&#39;t have a book otherwise i totally would of done that and not taken care of anything! :)

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    Finger food….hahahaha….get it?:) Anyway…I was going to say celery and peanutbutter but with so many kids allergic that would be out. What about celery with hummus and put a half a black olive sliced long ways to look like a black fingernail!:)

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    Mom always made bologna and cheese sandwiches in the shape of pumpkins with the jack-o-lantern pieces cut out of the bread face. It&#39;s too much work for that big of a group, but it&#39;s not candy. :)

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    I&#39;ve loved making popcorn hands. Use food service gloves, put one candy corn into each finger and thumb. Then fill it with popcorn. Filling the gloves is a great job to give to the kids. Then close the top with a twist tie. Good luck! Don&#39;t you just hate sewing on synthetic fabrics? It just won&#39;t behave like a nice polite cotton.

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