I sewed something

I just had to share a little something I sewed this week.
The random brushed plaids felt fallish to me.
I’m especially jazzed about how the colors turned out.
Wow, it feels so good to get behind my machine again.
But I kind of feel like I’m cheating because the rest of my house is so out of whack.
So I’m making myself buckle down and finish unpacking before I do anymore.
But wow, it felt good.

This one still needs a border. I’m thinking orange.

In other news:
Tomorrow I am blog-sitting for Aunt Spicy, so drop by!

And secondly, if you were ever contemplating getting the kit for the Amy Butler quilt I made for American Quilting this past summer, now is your chance. They are 40% off for a shop-hop this week and they’ll probably be gone by Saturday. The number to call is 801-802-7841. Good luck!

UPDATE: the kits are gone! Wow. Faster than we thought.

I am finally finishing the pattern for this quilt, along with baby sized version. Hope to have it in my etsy shop next week in downloadable PDF form!


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    Oh, I love the plaids! And you&#39;ve got such a good balance of colors, I really like it!<br /><br />And can I just say, the cuteness of the phrase &quot;I sewed something&quot; set me giggling. :)

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    Yes, I know what you mean about getting behind your machine. Mine is still at the spa. I want it back!! I love what you did and it does look fallish.

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    Ooo, I like. Really. And I&#39;m working on a way to come see your new sewing space, etc. Maybe I could even help get some of the rest of it unpacked…stay tuned.

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    Yahoo! for getting out the sewing machine! I love simple patterns that have a big impact through color choices like in your quilt! And so excited that you are gust blogging!

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    Amy, I love it! LOVE it! I so so so wish I had time to sew… maybe I can squeeze in some time after I give this presentation in Philly next week… Songs and Flowers of the Wasatch (poetry book written for the 1893 Chicago World&#39;s Fair)… at least it&#39;s a fun topic!

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    Hi Amy! It&#39;s Briana (from Communal, remember?). Your husband sent me your blog link, and I&#39;ve spent the last few minutes perusing past posts. What a fun blog! You&#39;re a crafty writer, you are. :)<br /><br />Anyway, just wanted to say hi! I&#39;ll see you on my Google Reader.

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    I really love your quilts! I especially love the blue that you added to the fall quilt. I am happy to see that you are getting some quilting done. <br />I am away right now, but as soon as I get back I plan to join you in getting some things done. <br />Amy, be sure to go over to my blog and sign up for my &quot;Mystery Giveaway&quot;. I know you would LOVE what I am bringing home!:)

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    my grandpa passed away about a month ago, and i have been thinking about making quilts for all his children, my aunts and uncles, from his clothes and this plaid quilt you made is perfect…i have been searching around for ideas but sometimes i find true inspiration. i am filing this away so that if this idea works out i can find this quilt again.

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    I just stumbled across your blog today – I can&#39;t even remember what link lead here!<br /><br />I just wanted to leave a little note to say what a wonderful fall quilt! I just adore it! <br /><br />I&#39;ve added you to my blog roll and have been searching through your archives through my entire lunch. <br /><br />Tracey

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