Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

Today I am blog-sitting over at Aunt Spicy’s while she is on a fun getaway.
And I’m sharing my favorite, easy recipe for pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies.
Because who can resist a good pumpkin chocolate-chip cookie this time of year?


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    Amy these look delicious…they must be so moist! Thanks for sharing!<br /><br />Aunt Spicy…you couldn&#39;t have left your blog in better hands….Hope you&#39;re having a fun getaway. x

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    I was THIS close to making those twice this week. But we have a kitchen troll that has recently absconded our cutting board, my salt tongs, the salt shaker…and now- the can opener. I have a big thing of pumpkin just staring at me from the pantry. But it&#39;s nice to know we&#39;re on the same brain-wave.

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    Amy–I found the cutest quilting store about 10 min. from me in Salem. It&#39;s called Gracie Lou&#39;s. You need to come visit me and then we&#39;ll go to the store together!!!!! <br /><br />I want to come see your new house!!! Call me. :)

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    Hi Amy! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on my quilt post. Isn&#39;t Lucy Maud Montgomery just the best? I collect vintage books (and even have a few first editions) by her and I&#39;ve written a few articles on her too. <br /><br />We really most be kindred spirits considering the fact that I was already planning on making Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies today! Yum!

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    Visiting from Aunt Spicy. Had to come and check out your blog, and guess what….LOVE IT.<br /><br />You all really make me want to take up quilting….seriously.

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    these cookies are some of my favorites… i could sit and eat the whole batch all by myself!! <br />oh, why did you have to go and post about pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!!!??? Now I&#39;ll have to make some!

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    I love love love pumpkin chocolate chip! Unfortunately, so do all the kids and the husband. Guess I&#39;ll just have to make a double batch. Thanks for the super easy recipe!

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