Friday, October 23, 2009

Return of the red, aqua, and pink quilt!

Hey look. It's my old fence.
Are you wondering if I snuck into my old yard to take some pictures? Well, no.

These are a couple of quilts I made way back in July for a custom order.
I still can't get enough of this vintagy-retro look for a current favorite color combination.
One of my daughters has a new pink room and we are going to make a bigger version of this quilt for her to snuggle with.

Remember when I used to sell kits for these quilts in my etsy shop?
You may not remember because it has been a while.

The reason I have waited so long to finally post these pictures is I was waiting until I had new kits for the shop.
And the time has finally come.

Official listing tomorrow!


  1. This is gorgeous! I think that reds & aquas together is my all-time favorite...must be why my kitchen walls are china is aqua!
    I'll check out your etsy shop tomorrow :)
    Hugs, Leslie

  2. Beautiful! Love the vitageyness of it! I'll pop into your shop tomorrow :D

  3. I'm definitely on a red and aqua kick right now too, but I really love the addition of pink. So cute.

  4. Looks washed and cozy and ready to snuggle in. Great colors together.

  5. Gorgeous quilt and I love the red and aquas together. And the quilt looks so soft...nothing is so pretty as a fresh crinkled and washed quilt.

  6. YAY! I am so glad you're bringing them back!

  7. I love the fabric combination in your quilt. Simply adorable!

  8. Beautiful colors, soft and snugly too.

  9. Love this quilt and color of the things I love about Simple Abundance is the red, pink and aqua!

  10. I never would have been drawn to the color aqua, but this color combination is beautiful!



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