Adorable Applique ABC’s

My Mom has been part of a neighborhood quilt group for some time. Over the past few years this group has combined forces to create a quilt to donate to a bi-annual fundraiser for a local hospital charitable foundation. This fundraiser has become a big deal over the years and the auction event is always preceded by a show to display all the donated quilts.

And so I wanted to share the incredible quilt my mom’s group made this year. This gorgeous vintage-ABC’s quilt is all hand appliqued. Each block is wonderful and whimsical. The quilt was then hand-quilted by volunteers.

Here are a few close-ups of some of the blocks.
I apologize the photographs aren’t great.
The lighting was not very good and
I didn’t have time to play with camera settings
because I was racing against
the “get the 5-year-old back for Kindergarten” clock.
I love this little robot!
Lots of little appliqued pieces and embellished with embroidery.

Again, these pictures just don’t do the artistry justice.
And here is my cute mom in front of the quilt.
Her group attended the auction last night and it sold for over $3500 buckaroos!

I have pictures of many other quilts from the show and will post them soon. Not only is my mom a talented quilter, she is also a talented grandma. We met up at the hotel where the quilt show was taking place. And knowing that I had to drag two little boys with me, she came armed with Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day (one of my boys’ favorite books) and sat on a couch in the lobby and read to them so I could look at quilts in peace. Lovely.

Many thanks for all of the kind comments and thoughts for my friend and her family – as well as the helpful information. I am so grateful.

It has been a busy week here. I have been going to town finishing unpacking my house – the basement in particular. And it feels good. SO GOOD. I finally feel like I am living in my own house. Bedsides the house work, I nursed a cold and may or may not have heard UFO’s at 3:30 in the morning. (A story for another day.) As a result I have been really bad about getting to my email – I’m sorry. (You are all so kind and understanding.) It’s amazing how much stuff you can accomplish when you ignore the computer for days. :) But I am so excited to get my house in order and I am feeling so much more peaceful and much less discombobulated.


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    the quilt is stunning – I&#39;m not surprised it sold for so much money, it&#39;s a true heirloom! Cute mom too – you&#39;re right! (should have known, her daughter is pretty cute, isn&#39;t she?!)<br /><br />Oh, Amy, I am so very very sorry to hear about Sarah&#39;s passing. I cannot imagine how terrible her poor husband and family must be feeling at a time when they should be overjoyed. My

  2. says

    I miss going to the Deseret Foundation&#39;s Quilt Show. Every quilt and every display is always so well done. The quilt your mom&#39;s group did is amazing. What a fabulous offering for the hospital.

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    I am so glad your mom&#39;s quilt fetched so much money because it is UNBELIEVABLY Gorgeous! I love the vintage-y feel. Those ladies have got some skills!! :)

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    What an absolutely charming quilt. I adore those &quot;old school&quot; style quilts–all 40&#39;s and 50&#39;s looking! That a group of neighborhood women get together and do this work by hand is awesome. And—$3500! Wow! What a lucky organization that will receive this support. On another note–I&#39;m sorry about ur friend&#39;s passing. We have a friend who passed after giving birth as a

  5. Michele Ludemann says

    I absolutely love your ABC quilt!!! Is there a pattern for the appliqued pieces? Please respond asap. I want to make an ABC quilt for my grandson for his birthday in early May. Thanks so much!

    Michele Ludemann

    • says

      The pattern is: Nico’s ABC’s Quilt Pattern by The Vintage Spool Verna Mosquera. I’m not sure if it’s still in print, but try googling it – it will come up somewhere. Good luck!

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