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I’ve debated whether to share more about my friend Sarah, who recently had the trauma, out of a respect for her and her family’s privacy, but so many of you expressed such sincere sympathy and offered your own prayers for my sweet friend that I felt I should give an update.

I’m so sad to report that my friend passed away. I was shocked when I heard the news. She is such a fighter, I thought she would pull through. It has been a pretty teary week around here. This event has made me hug my own family a little more this week and has prompted me to get in touch with other old friends from my past to tell them that I love them. Because you never know if you may not have that chance again in this life.

It is tragic anytime a person so young has to leave us, but it seems even more so to pass away as a result of giving birth to her first child. My heart breaks for her sweet husband, new son, and extended family. My heart is heavy and yet, I find great peace in the knowledge that “all things are done in the wisdom of Him who knoweth all things” (reference here.)

I have mentioned before that I volunteered as a Mormon missionary in England about 14 years ago. (Hence, part of my adoration of all things British.) Sarah was my companion/partner for 3 months. Together we had the opportunity many times to share a message of God’s plan for families to be together forever. I am more grateful than ever for that message.

And so, in my need to do something, when I really can’t do anything, I’ve been sewing.
When I first heard about the new baby I was sure I was going to make a quilt, but wasn’t sure what to make. When I was told of Sarah’s passing, (and since I’m on a bit of a flag kick) I decided to make Irish flags, so that this boy can always remember his mum’s heritage.It has been cathartic for my heart, to put my hands and brain to work.


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    What a sad sad thing. Never heard of a mama dying after childbirth, not these days anyways. I&#39;m curious, sad, but hopeful for her family, and life after death.<br /><br />PS: the flags are beautiful, just as, I&#39;m sure, your companionship was…

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    That is so sad to hear. I&#39;m so sorry for your loss, and for her family. I think it is great that you are making the baby quilt. It looks great. Best wishes to you.

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    Amy, you have my sympathy for the loss of your friend. I know words don&#39;t do much. You and Sarah&#39;s family will be in our prayers.<br />Peace. Diane

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    I&#39;m so sad and so sorry for you and your friend&#39;s husband and new baby. It&#39;s tragic to even think that something like this could happen.<br /><br />Praying for all of you.

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    Wow, this really surprised me, yes, in this day and age we don&#39;t expect something like that to happen in real life…just on tv but it really does and you&#39;re right, as corny as it sounds we need to appreciate our family and friends every single day. It is sometimes hard to remember when they are all driving you crazy but I guess that is when it is really important to remember….and you

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    I&#39;m so sorry to hear that she passed away. It&#39;s so hard to lose someone and my heart aches for her husband and new baby. Isn&#39;t it wonderful to have a creative way to pour all of that grief into?! I&#39;m sure the quilt will be beautiful and that it will be cherished. My prayers are with her sweet little family.

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    This breaks my heart. I love that you are making a quilt so the baby can have a piece of his mom. I don&#39;t know how people get through this type of tragedy without their Heavenly Father.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I didn&#39;t know her but just hearing that, made me cry! I will pray for her husband and family that they may find peace.<br />The quilt will be adorable. You&#39;re so sweet! Hugs to you!

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    It does seem so cruel that a little baby would be deprived of the warmth and tenderness that a mother gives but I am sure the family will rally up together and give him their love and care. <br />Your quilt will be a beauty, I&#39;m sure!

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    amy i wish i could hug you… know that sharing is a way of coping.. and loosing anyone isn&#39;t easy.. and we are all here to support you.. keep sewing if that helps.. and when you need to cry.. that&#39;s ok too.

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    Oh Amy, I am so sorry to hear this tragic news:( My heart aches for her family. We will probably never understand why God does things the way that He does until we meet Him face to face, but you are right that is why we have the bible to give us comfort in our times of sorrow, and to know that we may not know why things happen, but we know the one who does. And He is in control of all things. <br

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    I am so sorry to hear about your tragic loss! I too experienced a loss in my life last week. (I had a brief post about it).<br /><br />You are so right about never knowing when the last will be the last! Celebrate your life and the time that you had with your friend.

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    This is just so sad and I am so sorry to hear that your friend has died. Each day is a gift. Each child a miracle. And it will be a beautiful quilt to commemorate these happy and sad events. I&#39;ll put everyone in my prayers.

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    I&#39;m so sorry. I will be praying for you &amp; your friend&#39;s family. Life is such a struggle sometimes, but I love that scripture as well. What a blessing to know that there is a reason for everything, and that all things eventually work out for our good!<br />Thanks for sharing.<br /><br />

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