Have you seen this???

I’m pretty sure I must have this pattern.
Ack! I love it!
You can find it here.

Oh, and I have more British goodness to share.
Coming next post.


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    Woah! That is super cool! I don't think I am quite talented enough to do that just yet, though… so how about you make it and I'll drool. :)

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    I got to meet Michelle (the designer) at a retreat just last weekend! She is so nice and so funny in person. She brought a finished version of this quilt to show (so fantastic!), and was working on yet another one. (By the way, for Katy above – I'm pretty sure it's not paper pieced.) It's above my skill level right now, but I'd love to make one myself someday!

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    I made a twin-sized Union Jack as a quilt one year as a gift – stupidly did NOT take a photo – but what got me is the 27 degree angle of the St George cross. Took me forever to figure out – having a pattern would be very handy!! Good luck with the quilt!

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    LOVE this!! I just got the pattern to do a red, white & blue one for my hubby (he spent 2 years in Ireland/Northern Ireland) 😀 – btw, for those wondering, it's made with STRIPS! brilliant!

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