Just what I needed

First of all, many, MANY thanks for the generous and thoughtful comments. It’s so nice to know that people have “been there” and understand. And they don’t think you’re a total flake. And more importantly, many thanks for your prayers for Sarah. They are much appreciated.

Second: I made it out of town this past weekend. My husband had a conference in San Diego and the plan has been for me to go with him for a couple of days, but things were touch and go because of sick kids. My children have a gift for only getting ear infections right before my husband and I have a trip planned – which is really rare. But at the last minute (almost literally) the boy perked up and my brave parents were willing to take over.

I didn’t realize how desperate things were until I slept 10 hours straight the first night. lol. A trip to the beach with a book (my high school copy of P&P), a lot of fish tacos, and some time with my husband were just what we needed.


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    Beautiful Bliss! So happy you had some fun and were able to get away for some R&R. Love the picture collage, so beachy and dreamy. Sigh…

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    The get away is just what you needed. I'm so glad you had the opportunity and took advantage of the chance. The R&R will help you be a better mother, wife, sister, and friend.

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    Showoff!;)<br /><br />I&#39;m jealous. That is what my husband and I want to do for our next big trip (which seems to only happens every 10 years or so)is to drive the whole left coast!:)<br /><br />Your pictures are great. Glad you had good weather and 10 hours of sleep!!<br /><br />Yeah for brave grandparents!

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    Oh I am SOOO jealous. I LOVE San Diego, we spent 3 weeks on Coronado and I never wanted to leave.Your Pictures are fabulous, and you look happy and well rested. Glad you got much needed R&amp;R. Us moms tend to forget about ourselves.

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    Lovely pics, sounds like a lot of rest &amp; a relaxing getaway. <br /><br />DId you stay @ Hotel del (the pic makes me think, yes!). Love Coronado, esp the way the bridge over takes my breath away. Every time. (We lived in San Diego for 4 yrs &amp; we miss it like CrAzY!) <br /><br />PS: I know a great cookie place in Hillcrest (not far from SD Zoo) if you&#39;re interested. We stop by

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    San D is my favorite place in the world!….and fish tacos are so addictive!<br /><br /><br />if you get a chance you must go to these quilt stores…..Country Loft and Rosie&#39;s Calico Cupboard. They are about a mile away from each other and it is worth the trip! Country loft has a website and you will just fall in LOVE!

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    Love the Hotel del Coronado. Did you get any spa time while you were there? My husband and I spent a week there last fall, and it was fantastic. Or did you do their Sunday brunch? Decadent and fantastic.

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    I just read the previous post as well as this one. I&#39;m glad you had some alone time, to sleep too! (I did the same thing when my husband and I took an overnighter – 12 hours!!!)<br /><br />I hope your friend is doing better. I know how challenging this can be (from personal experience). But the body is amazing and I believe if she is young and healthy she will get better. Prayers def.

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    It is the Hotel del Coronado. Such a beauty! We didn&#39;t stay there – just went for a visit on Saturday afternoon. I did stay there once when I was a little girl and I thought I was staying in a castle. I love that place. Thanks for all the great SD suggestions! This trip was so quick that all I did was veg – but next time I&#39;m hitting quilt shops and cookie places too!

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