Christmas wool applique

I love wool applique. To me it’s such a relaxing project. Just cut out the pieces and start tacking to the background. No turning anything under and you can take really big stitches and it’s okay if your stitches show. :) And if you’re working with the good stuff (100% felted wool) it’s like sewing through butter.

Amy McClellan, the owner of American Quilting (the store where I work), is an amazing designer. Her creativity is limitless, I think. She has been designing wool applique patterns for the past six years. She started with these stocking patterns. At first there were only four options but people kept telling her they had bigger families and needed more options so she expanded to eight. I think these patterns are the all-time best seller at AQ. Then a couple of years ago she came out with a coordinating tree skirt. Gorgeous, I tell you.

If you love wool applique, go to the American Quilting blog to see the many Christmas patterns available. Amy’s patterns are so well written and well done. You can call the store to order. (And if you call tomorrow afternoon, we might even get to chat on the phone!)

Some of the projects even come in kits! (They’re not cheap because she only uses the really good, 100% wool, but they’re worth it if you want the variety of colors, all ready to start cutting.)


Also for you locals:
(click on image to view bigger size.)

Two of my favorite events: the American Crafts warehouse sale. (Here’s the damage from last year.) Lots of scrapbook-y stuff available, but I usually load up on ribbon and gift wrap. I also got a couple of leather bound albums for only $7 each. (My damage was not nearly as severe as last year.)

Also, I’m taking my girls to the Beehive Bazaar tonight. I love that thing. Not your typical craft fair – lots of funky, inspiring stuff!


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    Your wall hanging is absolutely gorgeous! Well done! I must check out this warehouse sale. Thanks for the info…got to go…sale happening!<br />Paulette

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    So cute! My mom has been doing these with her quilt group up in Draper. I think they did the 4 seasons last year and her Christmas one was adorable.<br /><br />I&#39;m coming to visit her in January – I&#39;ll have to come to your shop while you are working so we can be real life friends too!

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    So cute! I really love the nativity! I have only done one wool applique project and you are so right, quality materials make all the difference!

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