Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Why does Christmas always come at the busiest time of the year?" and other important questions

Whew! Life's been a bit crazy!

You too, huh?

First off: the lucky numbers from the magic Random Number Generator are #12 & #2!
(How's that for random?!)

Quilt Hollow gets the 'remnants' and Alisa gets the 'scraps'!

I'll be getting in touch with both of you today to get address info.
Yesterday my neighbor offered to watch my kids for 5 hours (we swapped - I watched her's last week) so I could finish my Christmas shopping. FEELS SO GOOD TO BE DONE. Between that, post office runs, excel spreadsheets, piano lessons, and a Christmas dinner party last night I've had no time (unless I was playing accountant) to sit at the computer. Or sew. But now, all that stuff is done. I was so excited to just stay home today and fold laundry and clean my bathroom (really!) And listen to Christmas music. And eat Candy Cane Hershey Kisses. And make snowflake pillows!

Tomorrow I'll finally publish how. (When you see it, you're going to think, "this is so anticlimactic.")
And finally questions:

First: Does anyone know of a cute, simple A-line toddler dress pattern? I'm having a hard time finding a good one.

Second (from my 5-year-old): "Mom, why does Elvis live at the North Pole?"


angela said...

That's one nice neighbor!!!! I love your view, that's pretty amazing, too.

Quilt Hollow said...

On the Today Show today Susi Orman was saying the best gift this season is the gift of time...and exactly what you posted! Helping a friend...with time! Awesome!
Lucky me today here....smiling!!

live a colorful life said...

Haha--the question about Elvis. that's why I made a jar with a label that says "what did you just say?" to put little notes about what my grandkids say. Too funny...

Enjoy sewing.

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

I have a cute pattern. I don't know if this is what you are thinking of, but it's McCalls 4815. I just don't make the notch and make two patterns so it's cute on either side. I also add pockets. Obviously, I don't follow directions well and have to make things more difficult. Here's a photo of Molly in one version.

Crafty Mama said...

Lol about Elvis!
If you go to there is a good pattern from Carla C there. It's not free, but her patterns are fabulous!

Terresa said...

I grew up listening to Elvis's Christmas record. Yes, it was a record back then. "Blue Christmas" is still one of my all time fave songs. I blame my mother.

Pass the candy cane Hershey kisses!

Jackie said...

Funny, I was glad to be folding laundry the other day as well. Hmmm... sometimes it is the small things. I think Elvis lives at the North Pole because he need to get away from his fans for a while.

A. said...

Ahh. I love today's view. And do please share if you find a great pattern!

Nedra said...

That's hysterical... Elvis at the North Pole. Kids perspective is the best.
And I love it when I can just stay home and do laundry and get things organized too. We are nesters.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I have made a few of these for Christmas presents this year, it's not technically an A-line dress but it's very cute, simple and works for toddlers!
I substituted wide ribbon instead of sewing a tie which makes it sit a little better.

Good luck!


Katy said...

So that's where Elvis is? I'm glad I know!!

It's been too busy here too, I'm getting a little fed up of the business now, actually!

Your view is amazing. Wow.

Valerie said...

New Look's is cute and simple -- and you can make a matching head scarf. *grin* It's not free, but $5 for the dress and applique patterns isn't too terribly steep.

Sherri said...

The snow is beautiful...and yes...everything is so busy now...I long for a day where I can just stay home...not until Christmas Eve???!!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Good for you. But I myself - not done.