Tag Sale

Let the de-stashing begin!
As we got ready to move I went through my ‘stuff’ and decided it was time to let some things go.

I have a ton of pre-cut squares accumulated for different projects. It’s all high-quality Moda and other quilting fabrics. It’s just that my project list has grown so deep, I decided to pass along some of the projects to others. I grouped the squares in groups of 175-300 squares either by collection or by color. That’s enough for a throw-size quilt or a couple of baby quilts.

I also found five kits to make this flag quilt that I’d assembled for a boutique a couple of years ago.
It’s a fun, quick project and can be laid-out vertically (as seen) or horizontally.
Also included: my remnants to make this pink cowgirl quilt.

I made this one for American Quilting last year and had all the fabric to make one for myself. (A lot of the blocks are even pieced already!) But I don’t need another girl quilt at the moment, so I’m willing to pass this on to someone else!

I drastically reduced or eliminated the secondary shipping costs, so if you buy more than one thing, the shipping doesn’t add up. Feel free to email/convo me with questions!

PS Many thanks again to Martha for making “tag sale” sound so chic. So much better than ‘rumage sale.’

Are you getting in the mood?

One of my favorite parts of this time of year? Valentine’s Candy.
Especially Sweets Cherry JuJu Hearts.
I have this little jar by my sewing machine for when the craving hits.
I’m waiting to see how long before my kids figure out the latch. :)
A few more things to get you in the Valentine’s Day mood:
(only a couple of weeks away after all)
Some recent Lecien purchases from Fat Quarter Shop.
(I’m trying to put together more I-spy collections, pronto.)
This little pile from AQ.
The cherries and dots are Mini Muu and cute plaid is by Marcus Brothers
And this little vintage inspired beauty is now in the shop!
This quilt is made of over 75 different fabrics to make it scrappy
and with lots of reproduction prints and chenille to give it a vintage feel.

The back is an old-fashioned toile with children.

There are also kits to make your own.
But there are only 3 and that’s it.

I’m almost done getting ready for my
De-stash Etsy tag sale this weekend.
Watch for listings starting Saturday!

Have fun ‘getting’ in the mood at your house!

I’m a Happy Camper

Finally the Happy Camper quilt is finished!
Uh, I think I started this one back in October.
This one is not for me again.
Another one for American Quilting – the shop where I work.
Now I need to finish cutting kits.
Then I’m going to get caught up on some of my own projects!
The back. A little random.
But those truly look like Happy Campers, don’t they?
Don’t you just love American Jane?
I think this is the 7th American Jane quilt I’ve made.
So, yes. I’m a little obsessed.
I hope she makes more vintage kids stuff again!
But until then, I’ve got a bit of a stash of her stuff to keep me going for a while.
Kits will hopefully be available from American Quilting next week.
(If I can get my rear in gear and finish the pattern. Rarr.)

Speaking of American Quilting, did you know they are hosting a retreat in the middle of February? There are details here. If you can’t come to the whole retreat, there is space to sign-up for the individual classes. There are some seriously talented teachers this year! I’m going to take wonderful Nanette’s Kettles class! I wish you could all come with me.

And, I’m going to learn how to make these purses.

Stuff both light and heavy

Winter. I am enjoying winter more than I usually do. I think part of it has to do with not quite as much snow to shovel this year and the joy I find in not feeling guilty about yard work this time of year. (Means more time for sewing.)
In other fun news, I got to meet Amy of amylouhou this past week. It was so much fun! She was in Utah for a couple of weeks (she lives in Virginia) and the stars aligned somehow and we were able to meet up at American Quilting for a quick visit. I was there during my son’s pre-school time and she had a mother and two small kids in tow, so ours was not a lengthy visit but it was still very fun. I love the experience of meeting people in person who I kind of feel like I already know because they have a blog. So often they are real kindred spirits. Hopefully our next meet-up will be more in depth. And hopefully I’ll be looking at the right camera when we take the next picture. The funny thing? By sheer coincidence my mom was also in the shop at the same time, so our moms took our pictures together (mine didn’t turn out as well, so I swiped Amy’s) and we had a nice little discussion of the vast number of Amy’s in our generation. (On a side note – when we moved to our new neighborhood we started attending a new church congregation closer to our new house. Out of the roughly 80-90 adult women in our congregation there are 8 Amys!)
Last for now, remember the Robot quilt? All last week I meant to get it submitted to Craft Hope for Haiti and being the dork I often am, I missed the deadline for submissions. So I’ve listed it in my etsy shop for now and will donate 100% of the proceeds. If it hasn’t sold in a week and a half I’ll submit it when they start accepting donations again.

UPDATE: Mr. Roboto is sold! Many thanks again, JJ. Money officially donated tonight. The Haitian orphans thank you too.

Hasn’t the response to this crisis been amazing and inspiring? It’s been gut-wrenching to watch and read the coverage of what is happening there. Puts our lives in perspective doesn’t it? Makes the stuff on this blog kind of stupid and shallow.

I’ve been thinking lately about tragedy in light of Haiti and my friend Sarah’s passing, among other things. Although I’ve never questioned God’s plan for his children, I am starting to see why he allows tragedy into our lives. It truly is the glue that draws us together. If everything were always easy, we wouldn’t need each other or forge the kinds of bonds that are created in adversity. Just seeing what is happening in Haiti, I’m sure there are many who are saying, “Why would God let this happen?” when really, He is giving all of us an incredible opportunity to reach out to others and through that process, feel more of his love. It’s quite amazing.

I’ve been amazed by how my children are concerned by what is happening in Haiti. What an opportunity to teach them about sacrificing for someone in need. I need to run with this. I would love to find something concrete they can do themselves. If anyone knows of anything I would love to hear it. Other than that, emptying piggy-banks is not a bad option either!