The Ireland quilt

Finally pictures of the Ireland quilt.
I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.
This is the quilt made for the son of my wonderful Irish friend Sarah who passed away due to complications from childbirth. Her husband is English, but currently lives in Scotland. I wanted to do something for this baby to commemorate his mother’s heritage and the place his parents met.
A sweet friend of mine here in Utah offered to quilt it for me on her longarm machine. I was so grateful and touched by her gesture. She also donated the batting because I was an airhead and forgot to bring some when I dropped off the front and back pieces at her home. Many thanks again, G.
The back.

I don’t love it because I did it in a hurry, made it too small and had to scramble to make it bigger. I was originally planing only greens on the back. I visited Ireland when I was a student in London many years ago, before I knew Sarah, and couldn’t get over how really green the place was. Whoever named the place ‘the Emerald Isle’ wasn’t exaggerating. I wanted to do lots of different greens but in my haste, made the back too small so I quickly added the orange stripe. Not great, but it did give me a chance to use an extra flag that was floating around.

All of the fabrics were scraps in my stash. It was fun to pull them all together. The brown is a Kamla woven that I had on hand and now I want a whole bolt of it. It is cotton, but has a cool linen-like texture.
I wish I could hold this baby in my arms and tell him what a brilliant mother he has. This quilt will have to be my surrogate. She is truly one of the greatest women I’ve known. This boy is blessed with a special father too. As I’ve talked to Sarah’s husband, I’ve been touched by the serenity that he’s been given to get through this time. His knowledge that their’s was not a marriage of “’til death do us part” but one that is eternal, and faith in God’s plan that their family will be together for always brings comfort as well. To me too.


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    The quilt is gorgeous and the sentiment behind it is so very touching. What a wonderful treasure you are giving that child. Great job and for what it's worth, I love the back!

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    All I can say is wow! Wonderful quilt for a very special friend&#39;s child. <br />Your sense of color is wonderful, I&#39;m sure your dear friend was guiding you throughout the whole creative process.

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    I love this quilt! My grandmother was Irish…and one time she was visiting us on St. Patrick&#39;s Day…she made me wear ORANGE to school. Her ancestry(Scotch/Irish) belonged to the Church of Ireland rather than the Catholic church…and orange was always the color that reminded her of Ireland.

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    I LOVE the Ireland quilt! Very Very Nice and the back too! it&#39;s superb! Someday you will be able to talk to that boy, when he is grown and will really understand~ You will be able make one young man very happy!

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    Oh Amy…you done a good thing!:) Isn&#39;t it wonderful to be blest to have people like your friend come into your life…and into it she is for she&#39;ll always be with you!:)<br /><br />Love, love, love the brown Kamla woven! I bet that would be fantastic to embroider on!! Let&#39;s buy a bolt!;)

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    What a beautiful gift for a boy who&#39;s probably very in need of wrapped up in love for his mom. Thanks for sharing this story and your quilt.

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    The quilt is beautiful! What a wonderful gift you are giving them. What a special way for this little boy and father to have to remember this amazing woman. You are such a sweetheart!

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    Wow, it is gorgeous! And I absolutely love the back. I am sure that little boy will cherish it forever. I still have pieces of the quilt my grandmother made me as a baby. I loved it so much, by the time I was a teenager it wasn&#39;t very recognizable as a quilt anymore :) But no quilt was ever loved more!

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    What a lovely treasure that you have created for Sarah&#39;s husband and little boy! I am sure that it will be their comfort in the many days to come.<br /><br />Rest assured, that Sarah is in a better place, one in which she is standing before our Creator in awe of his greatness! It is hard to understand, but it is all a part of His plan.

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    That is such a beautiful gesture, Amy. I can&#39;t think of a better gift than a quilt in a situation like this. And a quilt like this– my goodness!!

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    What a beautiful quilt. I served my mission in Ireland and actually remember Sarah from one of the wards that I served in while in Dublin. I heard she passed and was really touched by your posts. What an amazing gift you have given to her precious child. Love it. I have been inspired by your quilt and may have to make one similar.

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    This is a beautiful quilt that has come out of tragedy. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. <br /><br />My father was from Ireland and he would have loved the quilt. You did a beautiful job.


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