Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tag Sale

Let the de-stashing begin!
As we got ready to move I went through my 'stuff' and decided it was time to let some things go.
I have a ton of pre-cut squares accumulated for different projects. It's all high-quality Moda and other quilting fabrics. It's just that my project list has grown so deep, I decided to pass along some of the projects to others. I grouped the squares in groups of 175-300 squares either by collection or by color. That's enough for a throw-size quilt or a couple of baby quilts.
I also found five kits to make this flag quilt that I'd assembled for a boutique a couple of years ago.
It's a fun, quick project and can be laid-out vertically (as seen) or horizontally.
Also included: my remnants to make this pink cowgirl quilt.
I made this one for American Quilting last year and had all the fabric to make one for myself. (A lot of the blocks are even pieced already!) But I don't need another girl quilt at the moment, so I'm willing to pass this on to someone else!

I drastically reduced or eliminated the secondary shipping costs, so if you buy more than one thing, the shipping doesn't add up. Feel free to email/convo me with questions!

PS Many thanks again to Martha for making "tag sale" sound so chic. So much better than 'rumage sale.'


Funky Kim said...

Cool! I just bought the flag quilt kit. Now I'll have to make it up before July hits me!

**MIGNONNE** said...

Oooh I just bought a flag kit! I am so excited. Did you work at A.Q. with Joanna N.? She made a similar one years ago and I have always wanted to copy it. LOL! This seriously excites me sooo much you don't even know. Thank you!!!

Luv 2 Kreate said...

Just bought a flag kit...can't wait to get it!

tracy_a said...

yay for precuts!!! thanks! i finished my i-spy quilt so quickly - maybe this will help me finish another quickly.

live a colorful life said...

I should have had a de-stashing party on my etsy shop. Great way to get beautiful fabric to someone who will enjoy it.

dotti white said...

Thanks Amy....I bought the flag kit yesterday...I am excited! Thank you!

Kimberly said...

Anything left like the picture of your scraps? I had a peek in your etsy and didn't see any... are they all gone?

Heckety said...

A de-stash tag sale- that sounds like a WONDERFUL idea...I'm going to give it some thought. Thank you! I love the colours in the fan of squares you arranged above, they are so rich.
And I've added your shop to my Etsy favourites so I can find it quickly, though until I sell a few things I'm banned from dipping into the Hub's credit card again until at least next year....I wonder why??????

meplus3 said...

Got all the squares today!
Now I'm all set to start sewing when my friend has her (mystery) baby. Both the boy and girl squares are perfect! And I didn't have to stress out about picking the fabrics out!