More baby gifts and other winter fun

A few recent baby gifts.
I’ve been on a burp-cloth making kick lately.
A good scrap buster and a cute gift.
Next week I’ll share my favorite quick method for making these handy gifts.
Also included with this one is a handmade taggie-like blanket backed with minkie.
I won’t be sharing how I made that because I don’t want the creators to sue me.
(But they’re super easy.)
This set included a nursing cover.
Also a quick, handy gift for a new mom.
(But I’m always a little worried about giving
it unless I’m sure they’re nursing.
I don’t want anyone to think I’m a lactivist.
But me, I was a nurser so I love those things.)
And just in case you were in the mood for some winter scenery,
here are a couple of shots from a recent venture up the
near-by canyon that was last seen in it’s fall splendor here.
We got in a little sledding, a little snow-ball throwing, and a lot of good, clean air. And fun.

Many thanks again for your kind words and thoughts on the Ireland quilt and it’s recipients.
You are all so kind.


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    What a great idea! People are always having me make gift baskets for new babies. These would be perfect to add. I am going to pick some fabric from my stash right now.

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    So sorry to hear about your friend. The quilt is beautiful and I&#39;m sure will bring such comfort. <br />I need to make some of those burp cloths!

  3. says

    I love them!!!<br />What fabric is that one with the little vans on it? It&#39;s so dang cute!<br />I had to giggle at your nursing cover comment…I&#39;m sure they will love it nursing or not!

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    cute baby gifts. that taggie website seems to be up in arms about people making homemade versions. i once saw a pattern for something similar in &quot;simple sewing for baby&quot;.

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    Nothing wrong with being a lactivist – wish there were more so that more women had the support necessary to increase breastfeeding rates!<br /><br />Oh, and super-cute burp cloths and blankies. Love that buses fabric. I scored a little jumper at a thrift store for my daughter that used the blue colourway of that fabric. The jumper&#39;s now too small for her and I&#39;m trying to decide if I

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    That orange and white print fabric is delicious. It has me in a snit, it is that amazing gorgeous. Fresh. Ahhhh.<br /><br />&quot;Lactivist&quot; — just that word makes me smile (yeah, I nursed my kids pretty hard core, too, back in the day).<br /><br />And thanks for the mountain scenery pics. Looks like fun. We haven&#39;t snowmobiled or skiied yet this winter yet but hope to do our

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