Friday, January 15, 2010

New I-spy Charm Packs available

Finally, new vintage-inspired, I-spy Charm Packs are available here!
There are pictures of the original I-spy quilt here and here.
I no longer have the quilt or the borders and back I used for the original quilt so I stopped making quilt kits.
I'm toying with the idea of a new incarnation, but that's as far as I've gone.Yesterday I discovered I couldn't find my keys right as I was supposed to take the morning car-pool to school. So I had to swallow all pride and call my neighbor at the literal last second to drive. All other excursions were put on hold as I scoured the house for my keys. After a couple of hours of looking (and cleaning - which was a nice by product) I realized I was home-bound for the day. So I finally tackled some of my etsy projects. This one was almost ready to go, but it felt good to get it done and pictures taken. I am also planning a destash Tag Sale at the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled for some screaming deals. Also some other new listings this month!

And in other good news, my husband found my keys in the pocket of the apron I wore the night before when I made dinner. I am generally in the habit of never putting my keys in an apron pocket, but there they were! And my husband is generally not in the habit of wearing aprons at dinner, but last night he did. Whew!


  1. Hi Amy,
    It was fun to see you last Saturday at the shop. I just ordered this and one of your quilts on Etsy. So adorable. Your quilts are always charming and I love them!

  2. Glad you found the keys and got some things accomplished around the house too!

  3. Sounds like something that would happen to me!!!! Hope you finally found your keys.

  4. Lucky find! I don't wear my apron but maybe once a week. I'm glad my husband has a spare when I can't find mine. I love all of the fun fabric in the pictures. I will have to go take a look again at the I-Spy quilt you made.

  5. need to make an extra set of keys!:)

  6. Love those cute fabrics!

    I also have my moments of "Mommy Mush Brain" when I can't remember what I am doing sometimes.

  7. I adore the cute packets of fabric. I will love to have a look at your I-spy quilt.
    I think you are not alone in loosing your keys in your apron pocket. It is amazing that your husband found them like he did. You are definitely living right!

  8. Cute fabrics.

    Just this week I found my gloves in lost and found box at my daughter's school when I was looking for her hat! How did my gloves get there...well I must have lost them there before the Christmas holidays when I helped with the raffle! LOL Her hat turned up the next day. Strange how it all worked out!

  9. Tell your husband he gets huge credit for just putting on the apron (!), and you already know the benefit of him being the kind of guy who helps out. I'm so glad he found your keys.
    Over the years, we have lost a few sets of keys that have never been found. One time at Education Week (me), and the other time at a ski resort (Mr. Cactus). Not fun.

  10. My husband has the habit of taking both sets of keys to work with him. Once i even had to bum a ride to work from one of my son's friends. It's such a joy riding to work with former students! :^)
    Glad you were able to get a few things done.

  11. What a great collection of prints! Secretly I can not wait for the de-stash sale :-) And so glad about your keys!

  12. Hi Amy,

    isn't it funny how keys and other lost things show up in the weirdest spots??? I once lost a watch at Christmas and my mother found it 3 months later, long after I had returned home, inside an ancient pampers carton in the basement. I tell you, that watch grew legs and walked. Then again, she keeps Christmas ornaments in the pampers-cartons!

    Anyway, I'm also commenting because you're one of my nominees for the Lemonade Stand Award; come check out what it’s all about on my blog!


  13. The charm packs look absolutely charming. And the keys! Ugh I hate that. We have gotten so we have copies of copies because of this scenario playing out at my house.


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