Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Perhaps the easiest burp-cloth tutorial ever.

This is so easy it's going to knock your socks off.
Buy cloth diapers. I found these at Target.
I always wash and dry them before I start sewing to pre-shrink.
Then measure the space that you are going to want covered by fabric.
I think I chose to make my cover 4" x 17".Now you will need a really high-tech tool called a cereal box.
Cut your rectangular template to your desired size.
Find a cute piece of fabric slightly larger than your template.
Cut it down to about 3/4" bigger on every side.
Put the template shiny side up on the back side of your fabric.
Spray a little starch all around the edges.
Press all sides down over the edge of the template.
I love this method because I don't have to use that little slidy-sewing ruler.
Much, much faster and with a nice crisp edge.
Carefully tuck the edges in slightly on the ends, so they won't stick out when you sew them down.
Remove the template and save it. I've used mine over and over.
Pin the fabric right side up to the cloth diaper.
Carefully sew down the outside edges.
If you want to embellish a little, now's your chance.
(You could also tuck ric-rac or something under before you sew down your fabric.)
I like using grosgrain ribbon because it only requires strait lines and has a nice finished look.
Tuck the raw edges under and pin in place.
Sew all edges down, just like the fabric.
And that's it! You're done!
Now you can make dozens of them and impress all your friends
at baby showers with your amazing domestic skills!
And remember, don't stress too much about perfection.
Their main purpose after all is to clean-up curdled baby barf.
But that baby's mother will thank you for giving her such a
stylish accessory to protect her formerly spotless clothes.

You could also make a coordinating diaper clutch.
Wouldn't that be fancy?


  1. Thanks Amy, I'm going to be needing a lot of these. Now I know how to make my old burp rags look cute and cover up any unsightly stain. :)

  2. Amy- Thank you so much for the tutorial. I will be making some of these for my new grand daughter!

  3. Thanks! That thing with the cereal box is fabulous! I HATE the sliding ruler thing. I can see using that idea for all kinds of things that need the edge turned - like pants and elastic pockets...

  4. Thanks so much! I'm tucking this one away for future reference - it's a great gift idea for those people who aren't "A-list" and thus won't be getting a quilt, but for whom I'd like to make a little something.

  5. Fantastic idea! I just need to find someone to make them for...

  6. Fab! Now, if I only had another baby underfoot...

  7. What a nice gift idea. Love your hi-tech tools! :^)

  8. You are such a fancy girl! I will be making these soon. Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. I've always seen these and never sat down to figure out how to do it! Thanks - now I don't have hurt myself trying to figure it out! Great meeting you 'fer real' today!

  10. I think my daughter will really like this tutorial...she's in the middle of making lots of diapers (for her hope chest!). Thank you so much!

  11. I know it sounds simple, but I've totally been doing it a MUCH harder way...
    DUH! Why didn't I think of starch???

  12. You are right it is the easiest. In fact I have tried every. burp. cloth. ever. made. ...and this is exactly how I have been making them for a while now. :) I love this kind and my baby does too!

  13. So cute Amy. And I love the method. I think I need to make a few as gifts.

  14. adorable! I've done the same thing, just without the template. :)

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  16. Love this Amy! I added this to the link luv roundup today.

  17. Thanks for this - great ideas all around. I'm headed out to buy a bag of those diaper thing-ies now!

  18. Way too cute! I have a neice, nephew and Friend expecting within the next few months. I think I will make many little burp cloths!!

  19. Love the idea for the template. I am confused when you say "tuck rick-rack under before you sew". What does that do?

  20. Love the tutorial! I've made these before without the template and it was very tedious. I also like that you just use the ribbon across it and not on both long sides. So easy.

  21. Oh man, what an ah-ha moment! I've made a bunch of these much the same way but without the template, using the slidey ruler thing which I HATE! The template is genius to me:-) and now I'm not dreading making more for all the baby gifts coming up this spring--thank you for sharing!

  22. So simple and so wonderful, I love this idea! Thanks for sharing! I'll also share a little tip with you - try checking out for all kinds of sewing projects, tutorials, tips and tricks, and even meet some new crafty friends. :-)

  23. So I didn't read carefully enough and bought the thinner Gerber cloth diapers (no padded center strip) to make these. Any suggestions on craft projects I can make with a dozen of them?

  24. Joanna, Rats! Sounds like something I would do too. I would just use them for the same purpose - sew on some decorative fabric - I think they will still work. I don't have an email address for you so I'm hoping you'll see this reply here. Good luck!

  25. Thanks, Amy! I got your response to my question (not sure why my email didn't show for you, am new to all this)

  26. Hi - I just came across this tutorial - searching for items for my new grandbaby that's due in September!! These are perfect - and I thought I was the only one who used a cereal box for templates! I love the idea!!

  27. So cute! I made a set of six for my daughter (due in August). Can't wait to look cute while burping her! I posted here:
    Thanks for a great tutorial!

  28. I made a set of these ahead of having a baby last year and they've been AWESOME. (Blogged about it here: Thanks for the tutorial on this!

  29. I made them and posted them on my blog :) So easy and such a great idea!! Thanks for this :)

  30. Great tutorial! It seriously took me like 5 minutes to whip one of these out. About to make a few more. Thanks!

  31. Gave you a shout out in my post tonight for your tip on creating a template out of a cereal box. Seriously, that genius, and made this project 100x easier than it would have been otherwise. Thanks!


  32. Hi Amy,
    I love your ideas especialy this one for the burp pads and the nursing cover which i have made for my DIL.
    But i have been unable to find 'cloth' diapers for these burp pads.
    The fitted style cloth diapers are so popular i am afraid they don't sell the original anymore?
    Any suggestions as to where i can find them.

    1. Hmm. I haven't looked for them for a little while. I found them at Target. They were in the aisle with the infant clothing, onesies, etc. They were on a bottom shelf and packaged by Gerber.

  33. k thanks Amy i will look again.

  34. k thanks Amy i will look again.

  35. Great idea! Thanks for the nice tutorial. I always use cloth diapers for my little pie. Now after reading your post i will try to make it at home for my sweet baby. Thanks for nice post.
    Baby cloth diapers


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