A recent finish

The store where I work was running low on baby boy quilts.
So I jumped at the chance to reunite with my old buddy David Walker
(of Robots fame) and make something using some of his “Oh Boy!” collection.
I decided to go with something quick that would show-off individual prints
so I made a quick disappearing 9-patch. Love that pattern.
We also threw in some spaceships and robots just for old time’s sake.
The back.
I need to take this into American Quilting this week.
The kits will be available through them by next week.

A lovely holiday weekend (Martin Luther King/Civil Rights Day) here in the States. Today I spent the day finishing unpacking our craft room. Yes! I was so sick of boxes a while back and so ready to start sewing again after the move, that I made the space functional, but still had about 4 boxes (mostly of kid’s art supplies) left to go through. Today I finally did it. No more boxes!! Close to organization!! Maybe even close to photo worthy soon! :) Also, I’ve been sucked into the book, The Hunger Games. It was close to a miracle that I forced myself to put the book down and get some work done.


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    Super cute! I actually have almost all those fabrics. I love how you put all these together. I might have to do something similiar. <br />(I still need to order or red/turquoise quilt squares :))

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    Great quilt! And regarding the book – that&#39;s why I&#39;ve switched to mainly books on my ipod. That way I don&#39;t have to put it down, even to make dinner!

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    Cute quilt. How lucky you are to get to make quilts for a quilt shop. After you finish that awesome book, take a breath, and then dive into Catching Fire because it rocks too.

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    You&#39;ll be sucked into finishing &quot;Catching Fire&quot; too, when you decide to read it. Both books are intense and thought provoking. I really enjoyed both books.

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    I love this! With a little guy I would like to make him something boyish – that&#39;s not ugly. These are cute – and he loves orange. I really want to do a disappearing nine patch too.

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