I couldn’t resist jumping on the ‘end-of-the-year-collage’ bandwagon.
I, too, was surprised when I went back and looked at everything I’d finished.
It made me feel so productive!

During the past week, I saw or heard many comments in the media about how glad people were to be rid of 2009.
As I thought about my feelings toward 2009 I realized it was a year of many blessings to me.
And not just because it was the first year in the past 10
where I no longer had multiple diapers to change on a daily basis. (Yee-haw!)
In 2009 I learned a lot about myself and what mattered most.

This year I accomplished some personal goals outside my comfort zone.
That is always a rewarding feeling.
I’ve got many goals far outside my comfort zone yet to go,
but it’s motivational to see progress.

This year I lost two very dear friends who had a big impact on me at pivotal points in my life.
Both were young with spouses and small children.
Their loss was both sudden and tragic,
but in many ways refined my perspective on what is most important in life.
I’m grateful to know that I’ll see those friends again
and I continue to be blessed by their love and friendship.

I also moved.
(SO glad that is done.)

In that process I also lost my close proximity
to a lot of other friends and neighbors (and fence) who I dearly love.
I miss them. They blessed my life –
whether as caring babysitters, Sunday school teachers, or nurturers of my children,
someone I could borrow an egg from or ask for advice about dead spots in the lawn,
or people who brought me ceviche and daffodil bulbs for my birthday.
My life will always be blessed by those relationships.
I’m glad they’re not gone forever.

This year I met a lot of very cool new friends – not all of whom I’ve met in real life (yet)
– but who I feel so grateful to know and who have been so generous and encouraging.
Thanks to many of you for being among that group.

Life is good, isn’t it?
Here’s looking forward to 2010 and what it has to bring!


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    I've never thought any year was good or bad… every year has its good and bad and it all shapes the person we become. I'm so sorry you lost friends this past year.

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    Thanks for sharing your 09 look back – encouraged me to count my blessings. Thanks for continuing to inspire us with your wonderful work!<br /><br />Peace in 2010<br />Jean

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    Life is good and each year we live defines us as the people we become. Sometimes I think a year is worst or better than others, but really it is just a marker of thre milestone in our lives. <br />I love the collage of yor accomplishments …hmm… maybe I shpuld do one to see how much I&#39;ve accomplished!

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    I really liked 2009, for the most part. I learned a lot, felt the joy of accomplishment, and felt a lot of contentment. And I am ready for 2010, challenges and all.

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    Amy, I hope to be considered one of your cool new friends that you haven&#39;t met yet. Someday when I make it into American Quilting again, I&#39;ll ask for you!:) Thanks for your blog. Yes, looking forward…

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