Saturday, February 27, 2010

A happy little afternoon

A happy, sunny, little afternoon here. Makes me believe that Spring may come soon.

A couple of days ago I moved the sewing machine up from the basement. At our old house my sewing table was in the middle of the family room. While I don't miss the mess that came with that set-up, I do sometimes miss sewing in the hub of the action (I seem to get more done that way). So in honor of the Olympics, I relocated for a couple of days.

This afternoon while all the bigger kids were at school and my little guy was being entertained by Curious George on PBSkids [see above], I was quite productive! (Just so I don't sound like a totally negligent parent, he did relocate to the table with me and draw pictures with markers while I sewed. It was a "picture" of a dragon, a knight, and a queen. The Queen had just cut-off the dragon's head. I think this was Cupid's symbolic tribute to his heroic mother.)
I made my first ever string blocks. I've been wanting to try this method forever and once again, a Bee project finally got me to do it. These blocks are for Rachel. She has a great tutorial if you want to make some of your own!
And here is the mess at the kitchen table. The reason the mess is usually confined to the basement. But it was worth it to watch the Women's Figure Skating finals last night while I made more Union Jacks. Did anyone else watch? Weren't they wonderful? I was so impressed with that final group especially. I even got teary watching Kim Yu Na from Korea. Gorgeous performance in every way. And I was so relieved for her. I can't imagine that pressure and those high expectations. And then Joannie Rochette. Such inspiring grace.

Speaking of women's figure skating, the other night we were watching the short program and I was touched by the girl skating for Turkey. (I think that is what I love about the Olympics - not just the big-name gold medalists, but the athletes who are just as dedicated and sacrifice just as much for their sports, who proudly represent their countries, with little recognition.) Anyway, I pointed her out to my 8-year-old, thinking I would be a culturally illuminating mother and said, "Look! This girl is from Turkey! Her name is Tugba." My daughter responded, "Hmm. I think I'd rather call her Lynelle."

Okay . .

Hope you have an equally sunny, productive, inspiring, culturally illuminating weekend at your house!


  1. So glad mine is not the only dining room table that looks like that (and love the glimpse of the Union Jack)! And LOVE your daughters comment, hilarious! My problem is trying to sew straight lines while watch snowboard racing or hockey!

  2. Love the string blocks! and thanks for the link to the tutorial - so easy!

    There used to be a great fridge magnet which read....
    "my house was tidy last week.....sorry you missed it"
    It's my motto!! My sewing starts off in the sewing room, then onto the dining table and usually over to the couch and quite often out on my verandah too and then of course there is the floor when laying out the quilt!!


  3. Love everything you are working on...I must admit I'm very grateful that my sewing area is in the hub of the house...I can still see and hear everything that is going on!

    We've been enjoying the Olympics over here too...Loved the figure skating...Loved the Women's Hockey and all geared up for the Men's final tonight (err..your afternoon!) :o)

  4. The string blocks are turning out just beautiful! I love them. I just posted a string project too. It was fun! I also see there a Victory Garden block. I just got the pattern in the mail and am going to make it for my daughter. She loves everything British. Must be a teenage thing, but anyway, I am going to make it in, of course, red, white, and blue. I love the little statements your kids make, too funny.

  5. I also relocated so I could watch/listen to the games. However I found myself totally engrossed with the figure skating and did not sew to much. lol

  6. I love string quilts, and haven't made one in years. Maybe I can get back to one soon. While I was at my Retreat I didn't get to see any of the Olympics, but caught some Luge yesterday, and was so happy to see a win from Utah!

  7. Your string blocks turned out nice.

  8. Ah, the Olympics! Glad you got to enjoy them as much as I have. Yes- I would question the Turkey girl's name too. How funny. Glad you had a sunny and fun afternoon.

  9. Hi Amy. I love making string blocks, so much fun. You're are looking so nice. I also noticed your burp cloth tutorial when I was getting ready to leave this comment. I made a set. They were so easy and look so good. Thanks. I had forgotten to take a picture of them and we are getting ready to go to the baby shower in about 1/2 hour! So when I saw the picture on your blog I hurried up and got it out of the car and took a picture and posted a quick post!
    Thanks again.
    PS. The funny things your kids say and do that you share are so wonderful...:) hugs.

  10. I am pretty sure I've decided to make my 2009 Scrappy Quilt a string block quilt. Love seeing your blocks! And ditto on the Olympics last night. ;o)

  11. Those blocks are so pretty. I moved my sewing machine to the kitchen and although the mess drives me mad when I am working on a project I am finally getting more done! Enjoy your machine in the hub.

  12. I am a BIG fan of 'sewing where you SEW...".
    There is a lesson in your post - for us all...thank you for sharing it!
    A Bee sister...

  13. Lynelle? I'd rather be called Tugba. So funny!

  14. The string blocks are amazing! so gorgeous.

    Btw, I'm lamenting I didn't watch more of the Olympics, but we did Tivo them, so at some point I'll catch myself up on everything.


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