Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Lots of love from my own little cupid.
Who is now a lot bigger, but I still love this picture
we used for our valentines a few years ago.
(Do you think he's going to need therapy one day for that one?)

A couple other thoughts.
I was looking at this Valentine wall hanging and remembered what I was doing when I stitched these. (Do you ever do that? Lots of times I remember what movie I was watching.) Well with this one it was the 2002 Olympics. And then it hit me - it's been 8 years since then! Where has the time gone?

I'm so excited the Olympics are here! I already got teary 5 minutes into the first montage. I've been an Olympic junkie since Sarajevo when I was about 9. And then they came to my own back yard (almost literally - the Sale Lake Olympic stadium is within walking distance of where I grew-up.) Only I had a 3-year-old and a nursing baby at the time, so I didn't do a lot of Olympic spectating other than from my couch like most of the rest of the world. But I'll tell you this - that Olympic spirit is real. During the time that Olympic flame was lit, there was an amazing feeling in Utah and as soon as that flame went out, it left. (Can anyone else attest to this?) Really awesome. Getting to taste that spirit was a sweet experience. Enjoy it Vancouverites!

I've already put together a bunch more Dresdens to applique while I watch from my couch!

And many thanks to Stefanie for her sweet little package! So darling.

Finally: next Valentine's season I think I'm going to start a Cherry Juju Heart export business. Even my sister in California called craving them. It sounds like the world needs more of these morsels of sweet goodness.

Have a Happy holiday (+Presidents' day if you are in the states). I'm going to be taking a little break with my family, but I'll be around later this week.


  1. I absolutely adore the olympics too!!!!! Okay and little D looks adorable as a cherub!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Your little angel is so cute!...Someday his future wife will also adore the picture of him.

    Your wall hanging is perfect! Who cares when you made it...and I was also thinking the same thing about the Olympics...8 years already..:0)

    Glad that the pincushion made it to you in time! You should consider the JuJu export business...lots of people would be happy.

    Enjoy your day.

  3. LOVE your wall hanging! And that gift from cute!

  4. That's the perfect Olympic plan! Visit my blog later to see what I came up with :)

  5. My daughter is living in Vancouver and that is exactly what she said...the streets are electric! Singing and cheering in the streets..she was off to all the free venues with her BF yesterday (wearing her Canadian sweater) to soak it all in!! Great fun!

  6. I also am an Olympics junkie...and I get so much handwork/binding done each time the Olympics are on! I get teary-eyed with the amazing stories of all the athletes too!

  7. oh i had some of those hearts in a quilt shop yesterday and they can get addictive!!! love the little heart package

  8. Look at your cherub's beautiful eyes. That looks like a picture you should keep and use at his wedding reception some day.
    I'm with you on the Olympic Spirit. It was so wonderful to be able to go to the events in 2002. Have you noticed how much they mention SLC this year?

  9. I do tend to remember what movies or DVD set I was watching when I made certain quilts since I do quite a bit of hand quilting.

  10. Your little one is absolutely adorable. Don't worry - he can use the proceeds from his modelling career to pay for the therapy. ;)

    I live in Vancouver and I can confirm that the energy here is indeed electric. Streets downtown that are normally empty on the weekend are full of people in high spirits, showing their colours. It's amazing!

  11. I loved having the Olympics in Salt Lake. Even though I live a few hours south we had the opportunity to be in the city and enjoy the energy. I am also an Olympic junkie, and have been watching devotedly since the summer of 72. Remember Olga Korbut, the Russian gymnast?

  12. love that picture....... so cute!!

    we really enjoy the olympics at our house too. i get into it all except for hockey. not crazy about it.
    the opening ceremony always amazes me. what did you think of the whales "swimming" through the stadium and blowing through their blowholes? that was my favorite part!

  13. Red and white quilts are so sweet. There is something just so lovely about that.

  14. I prefer Brach's cinnamon jelly hearts! If I could find cinnamon bears out here, I would be in trouble!!


  15. Your little "cupid" is darling.
    Your wall hanging is beautiful.

  16. The first pic of the baby is so cute and sweet.

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