A little bit of sunshine

This is a quilt that has been in the planning stage for a year.
Finally executed.

Last year my sister and I had a fun little trip to California with my mom. My sister, who is not a quilter, was very patient in letting us visit multiple quilt shops during our trip. (Though, Jen you did encourage those last couple!) It was fun to see it all through the eyes of a newbie. She was particularly drawn to Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s Market line – especially the oranges. And so we discussed a cute little quilt for her red-headed (more orangey-red) one year-old. The colors fit her personality perfectly.

And now here we are exactly a year later and I finally finished the quilt!
(With many thanks to my sweet friend Sherrie Allred for her adorable quilting.)

The other thing I love about this quilt is that it reminds me of the bedroom my sister and I shared when we were little. We had green carpet and the quilts on our beds were orange, green, and yellow. My sister commented on the same thing when she saw the new quilt. A moment of happy nostalgia for times when we used clean our rooms by stuffing things under our beds. :)

I cut a few extra fabric packs when I was cutting the quilt.
They each contain 36 6.5″ squares of fabric from designers like
Sandi Henderson, Heather Baily, Amy Butler and some Moda prints.
They’re in the etsy shop.
I also have some of the backing yardage available.
Email/convo me if you want some and I’ll create a listing.
Edit update: They’re gone!

Hope you have a little bit of sunshine where you are this weekend.
(We’ve had a nice bit here this week – it’s starting to give me spring fever.)

I’m finally on the ball enough to link over to amylouhou’s sew and tell Friday!


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    Oh yes…that color scheme brings back memories…it is too sweet. Is that a disappearing nine patch? I&#39;m still learning the names of all these easy quilting patterns!:)<br /><br />Um…sun….how about 20-30&quot; of snow coming our way in a few hours!:)I think we will see the sun on Sunday…and piles of snow to shovel!!:)

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    a very pretty quilt-it is fun to see quilting and quilt shops through the eyes of a non-quilter. I took a non-quilter friend to a quilt show last year-it was refreshing.

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    The quilt is gorgeous. Love the backing fabric. In my family the &#39;red hair&#39; genes are alive and well. My Mum was the only one out of four not to have pure red hair. My sister does though. And my cousin&#39;s two baby girls do too but she doesn&#39;t.

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    I just saw these in your shop! I want to make one! Seriously! Which do you have for the back? let&#39;s talk. I love the orange colorway of Farmer&#39;s Market!

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    That quilt is absolutely adorable! I have always loved orange and green together and the striped border is just perfect. I have been trying to decide if my next quilt will be a Disappearing 9 Patch or 3 Stars from Buggy Barn. Seeing this makes me want to go with the Disappearing 9 Patch. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    LOVE the quilt!!<br />Would you believe that is my bedroom colors! I gotta make the quilt! (but bigger)<br />Do you have a couple fabric packs ?? Could you tell me what pattern you used ?? Will you ship to Germany??<br />Sorry for all the questions??<br />Love the quilt!<br />Liz

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