Not the average trip to the thrift store

After Christmas I did some cleaning out and when it came time to donate to the thrift store,
I allowed myself a little trip inside and guess what?
Pyrex: Nada. Zilch.
Vintage sheets: pretty slim pickings.
(I think the word is out on this one because they are definitely getting more scarce.)
But I did come across some treasures – not all vintage, but definitely worth it.And all pretty random and different from what I usually look for,
but diamonds in the rough, nonetheless.
(It was during preschool time, so I had some time to actually look, un-whined-at.)
First of all this silver dish on a pedestal. It was pretty tarnished and unassuming,
but I figured for $3 it would be worth a shot at polishing.
And voila! It polished-up beautifully!
And is now the perfect spot for chocolate covered ju-ju hearts. (Mmm.)
Which are long gone since this picture was taken, I might add.
Then this fancy Rowenta Professional Iron.
About $3.50! I wasn’t absolutely sure that it worked,
but I figured for that price it was worth the gamble, since they are usually over $80.
Plus, after my iron saga last year, I figured having a back-up iron
was probably not a bad idea. And guess what, works great!
Another not-so-vintage item. (Maybe 1994 is considered kind-of vintage.)
A James Taylor CD collection with one CD.

This collection was my favorite 16 years ago. I would listen to these CD’s all the time and by an amazing fluke, even sat on the center front row of JT’s concert that summer at an outdoor amphitheater in Park City, UT – they just happened to release the VIP tickets right as I went to purchase my general admission ticket! So James and I are old friends. We share the same birthday. (He even gave me a personal thumbs up during the concert! I know.) So anyway, while I was away in England for 18 months my sister loaned a boy she liked one of the CD’s and he never gave it back! So there it was, half a CD collection with my long missing CD inside. Just waiting for me. All these years later. Makes you kind of veclempt, doesn’t it?

Okay, I’ll stop being silly. But I was excited. A couple more great, real vintage finds.
This old Samsonite suitcase. I debated about this one, even leaving it and coming back later.
I figured for a few bucks, it would be worth using in some decorative fashion.
Turns out the exact same ones are selling for $80 on Ebay! Score.
And finally, this little beauty was in amongst all the vases.
I am pretty sure that it’s real vintage because of the color and style of the piece.
The bottom has markings that say San Carlos Pottery, Calif (don’t I sound so Antiques Roadshow?)
and I tried Googling it, but didn’t come up with a lot of conclusive evidence.
Please weigh-in if you have any insights.
But even if it’s not authentic, valuable vintage. I love it.
Plus, turquoise is the color of the year according to Pantone, so it is one hot little item.


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    You found some really fun things..makes me want to head out and go on my own hunt!<br />Also where do you find juju and now you show chocolate covered ones?! They look wonderful in the dish…but wouldn&#39;t last long here.

  2. says

    Yeah, info on that is pretty slim. The only thing I could find was a second hand reference to the factory being open between the 30&#39;s and 50&#39;s in California. Still, even if it was made yesterday, it&#39;s gorgeous and a great find!

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    WOW!! Great finds! We just don&#39;t have great thrifting here. I love that turquoise vase. And I&#39;m glad to know I&#39;m ahead of the curve when it comes to Pantone. It&#39;s been my color of every year, since about 2002 😉

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    Two words for the Rowenta…white vinegar! I got my Rowenta at Goodwill, I paid a little more, a whopping $4.99! She came home with me and I gave her a white vinegar spa treatment. Filled her with it, turned her on, and after she was hot, used the clean button until I had used up most of the vinegar. It took out all the hard water deposits! She was spitting small rock for a while, but by the

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    Great finds. I&#39;m all about the old suitcases. I have several of my parent&#39;s old blue marbled Samsonite suitcases from when they were married 55 years ago and I have two just like the one you bought, one being a little smaller than the other and I have one that has this great old basket weaved instead of leather. I plan on stacking several of them and use as a side table and right now

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    Nice scores! You&#39;ve reminded me that I need to polish up the shallow silver bowl we use to hold keys etc. at the front door.<br /><br />And the James Taylor thing – did the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you found the CD? Mine did when I read your story!

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    I got the BEST pyrex last week at goodwill… I can&#39;t wait to post them on my blog. Totally cute, just missing lids. Saturday is half-off day here and I can&#39;t wait to get there early and take home cheap treasures.

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    I want to shop at your thrift store! I haven&#39;t done much thrifting since we moved to Texas but your shopping trip gets me in the mood to explore. Quite a few thrift shops in my area——did buy a lined black skirt (a little too tight) for 2.00 a couple of weeks ago. What is with the Pyrex? I will have to look into it. BettyLou

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    Gasp!!! Chocholate JuJu hearts! Be still my heart!<br /><br />Gasp again!! Rowenta iron for $3.50!<br /><br />Gasp #3—that cute little turquoise dish!<br /><br />I tell you..some people have all the luck! Congrats on all of your purchases.<br />(BTW-I am out of breath now…:0))

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    I was working in Park City during that exact James Taylor concert! (and feeling sorry for myself.) He is an amazing musician. I just got his Christmas album from my husband. You&#39;ll have to listen to it sometime.<br /><br />I am jealous of the iron. I was just laughing yesterday about how I have the worst iron and ironing board and yet I sew so much. :)

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    The vase is an absolute beauty. Do you know I was blog hopping the other day (forget which blog) and the post was all about how turquoise is in now! And this vase looks close enough to count!<br /><br />My thrifting finds this week were:<br />1 Ann Taylor skirt, $4<br />1 ? brand skirt, $5<br />1 pair boys tennis shoes (brand new, Target brand), $6<br /><br />Gah, I love thrifting!!<br /><br />

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    My (totally unprofessional) pottery insight is that that vase is BEAUTIFUL. And I think we need to go shopping together. I always tend to fall in love with big expensive things that won&#39;t fit in my car…. or my house.

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    Oh, don&#39;t you just love a great find? I was nearly dancing in the anqtiques mall when I found my long-lost (broken, thanks hon) glass carafe with the big round ball of cork that seals it. I had chills and rode a high all day over finding that! And a Hot Shot hot water maker for $1, when you can only find them, rarely, for about $30, new. It was broken but my husband fixed it with just an

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