So why am I feeling cranky?

Even Cupid gets cranky sometimes.

Reasons I feel cranky:

The new updated editor in Blogger is driving me crazy!  I’ve been trying to write a post about a quilt retreat I went to yesterday afternoon/evening and trying to post multiple pictures is so frustrating and stupid. (Sorry to use that kind of language.)

I think I’ve been doing too much laundry.

I feel like I’ve been cleaning my house non-stop, every minute I’ve been home since we got back from our family trip this week.  And looking around it looks just as messy as it did when I started.

I am so behind on all my emails. (Sorry if you’re waiting to hear from me, the week ahead should be a lot less crazy.)

My computer is moving SO SLLOOWWW.

I’m tired.

This blog post is whiney and lame.

I shouldn’t feel cranky but I do

Reasons I shouldn’t feel cranky:

I got to go to part of a quilt retreat yesterday afternoon.  It took some orchestration, but I got to sit and sew for a few hours straight! And eat a yummy dinner (that I didn’t have to make!) with really nice (and funny) quilters. What a dream!

I got to go to sunny California with my entire family last weekend! And it was sunny and warm. (Now that my fabric stash is no longer alone and vulnerable, I can reveal my previously-undisclosed President’s Day weekend vacation.)

I got to go to Super Target today! (Oh ST, how I miss you. – I live too far away to go once a week like I used to, but it was so good to be back.)

I hit a vintage sheet jackpot today.  (The thrift store is right by Super Target so I snuck in a quick trip.) Great finds.  I thought they didn’t exist anymore.

I am eating chocolate chip cookies, which I made because I was feeling cranky and to share with my little Primary (Sunday School) class at Church tomorrow.  (I think the cookies are helping.)

The Olympics are on. My kids are just as obsessed as I am.  And I love having something to watch with them that we all like.  (Except why all the creepy Shutter Island ads? Seriously, why?)

See? Great stuff.  All this goodness should overcome the crankies.

So I think I should just go to bed and try again on Monday.  At which point I promise not to be so whiney.


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    I liked this post. A lot. We all get cranky — and usually when there's really nothing to be cranky about — but it happens, huh! Dang that cleaning. But daaaaang those vintage sheets – that's always something to brighten your day!

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    LOL! We all have our days… don&#39;t we!<br />It was fun seeing you at the retreat. Just wish you the best Sunday ever with your family and hoping that you will get in a good nap. Monday will be a great day and things will be bright again… just you wait and see!!! :)<br />You just became my 100th follower and I think there is going to be a little surprise for you because of that. <br />Now…

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    Copy the SLOW computer. Our computer runs out of virtual memory quicker than you can blink an eye. Working hard on my hubby to upgrade. Imagine then how long it takes me to upload a photo. Yeah take a packed lunch. But that aside you need to cut your loses and move onto more positive things just like you did. Tomorrow is another day. Hope its better for you.

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    Love your post it come straight from the heart.<br />I too have been a bit crancky and don&#39;t really hve a reason too.<br /><br />Never mind all good in the end<br />take care<br />Christine

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    you can&#39;t be a cheery bluebird all the time, can you? And sometimes things are just STUPID (do you tell your kids that is a nasty word and should never be used, like me? But doesn&#39;t it feel secretly good to use it every once in a while?)<br /><br />Go read your new book and eat cookies.

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    I have to say that I tried the new editor too and don&#39;t like it, so I went back to the old editor. Much simpler. So I feel your pain there. Even though you have lots to be cranky about, there is definitely more to be happy about. Clearly chocolate chip cookies make everything better.

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    Hurray for the vintage sheet find. And WHAT IS up with all the Shutter Island previews. Along with a couple other really creepy movies. I keep having to shout – quick, don&#39;t look!

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    Sorry you had a cranky day. everyone does at times. yah i got a message on my blog from someone in india. weird. oh well. the blog stuff is off at times for sure. have a great sunday! christine and family and i are excited to see your house! and i am glad you got to go to super target. it&#39;s always fun to go there.

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    I&#39;m sorry to hear about your Blogger issues. I&#39;m new to this so I thought it was just me. <br /><br />I&#39;m whiney today because I have to go buy new tires for the car. I&#39;m driving on the &quot;donut.&quot; I really need to not put it off until tomorrow, but I REALLY want to sew today. Okay….I feel better now.

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    Sometimes we just have to have those cranky days to appreciate the good ones. And the good news is that life always does get better by a day or two! (or sometimes three or four…)<br />I&#39;m convinced that computers have a mind of their own. Many a time I call mine &quot;Hal&quot; after the computer that tried to take over the world in Space Oddesy.

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    Sorry you are feeling cranky. I HATE bloggers editor, I use Live Writer. You should check it out.<br /><br />Post some pics of your vintage sheet finds, and in the mean time enjoy those chocolate chip cookies :)

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    I fight being cranky whenever I have had a little decompression time. Having complete, uninterrupted thoughts can be addicting!!! Shifting gears is hard. By Tuesday you will be saying,&quot; I am Mommy, hear me roar!!&quot;<br />Blessings,<br />KT

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    Technology is wonderful… when it works that is. I think you have way more to be blessed than to be cranky…breathe or clear you mind as the son says and the rest will follow.

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    I had trouble with the new editor at blogger at first. I think I have the hang of it now. Chocolate chip cookies sound like a good idea to remove crankiness. How about our men&#39;s hockey team. Go U.S.A.

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    I&#39;ve been feeling cranky too. It must be the end of winter or something. Bring on the sunshine!!!<br /><br />and go watch N &amp; S again. It will make you feel better. Or at least give you a good reason to cry :)

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    I love reading other mama blogger&#39;s whiney posts because they make me feel…less whiney (although I&#39;m probably much much worse than you are in that regard!)…<br /><br />Hope the rest of the week has been un-cranky!

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