Turquoise for me and turquoise for you

First of all, a shout-out to Melissa for identifying my thrift-store find as an authentic vintage piece of pottery. Woo! I think I’m going to grow some tulip or narcissus bulbs in this baby. Wouldn’t that be lovely and springy? Looking at it again, it made me realize how much other turquoise/aqua stuff I’ve been drawn to just recently. (No, this isn’t an underhanded ploy to try to sound really hip. Okay, maybe it is.)

This piece is also authentic vintage. It belonged to my grandmother.
It’s a nice big covered dish and looks brand new.
The color, polish, shape, everything are beautiful.
I feel so lucky to have it.
Mostly because it reminds me of her. (She was so classy.)
How about some turquoise snowflakes on vintage Pyrex?
Perfect for the snowy day we had outside.
This week I found these two great Verna Mosquera pieces on clearance.
(I pretty much only buy pieces bigger than 1/2 yards when they’re on clearance.)
I’m going to use the ticking strip as a border on the pink, red, and aqua quilt in the previous post. Not sure with the floral yet. Maybe skirts, maybe throw pillows. Maybe a bag or apron? I’ll let you know. (Because I’m sure everyone is dying of curiosity.)
Here are a few of the thrifted sheets from last weekend.
I have an abundance of yellows and pinks and a little orange and green,
so I was very excited to find blues!
These bowls are a recent acquisition as well, but definitely not vintage.I love so much about them. Not just their color.
Their shape, their size. And their price.
$2.99 each at IKEA!And look, there’s mugs and other dishes too.
So pretty and so cheap!

I saw some other really cute melamine bowls at Target last Saturday. And a great price again. I couldn’t find a picture of them online (they were with the seasonal Easter stuff) but I did find this good looking set. Also, this vintage looking stoneware set, the exact same color as my thrift store find. (I couldn’t link directly to the exact dishes – just the general category.)

So turquoise (aqua) stuff available for everyone! For pretty cheap prices too. I’m amazed at how just little bits of that color go a long way. Anyone else have some good finds to share?


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    How funny! I&#39;ve been thinking about doing a blue/turquoise post too! I&#39;ve loved it ever since I drove my baby blue bug off the lot in 2003. Sigh. (she&#39;s gone to a better home).<br /><br />I have those Ikea bowls. I love the covered dish from your grandma and I&#39;m going to by the dark turquoise bread box from Target! :)

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    My in-laws built a ranch home in the 60&#39;s. The kitchen sink, stove, washer &amp; dryer were all turquoise. She also has a turquoise sink in the utility room, and a turquoise toilet in the bathroom. And….get this….she had a turquoise Chevy Impala! And believe it or not, that car now belongs to my son! It&#39;s in dire need of work though..

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    It is so funny that you posted about the dishes at Target. I was there yesterday and thought of you as I drooled over the whole set. I ended up buying a red pitcher, not aqua, but, hey, I am in a red mood right now. :)

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    I absolutely love your vintage flower pot and the sheets, esp the one in the middle!<br />And we have the same bowls from ikea and like them very much, for soup, salad or a BIG portion of cornflakes. They are perfect!<br />Steffi

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    All so nice! Last week at Costco I saw a box of two cake stands in aqua. I put them into and out of the cart a few times – but finally couldn&#39;t justify the purchase as I don&#39;t even have anyplace to put more stuff!

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    The last thrift store find I adore I wear all the time. It&#39;s an orange leather coat with matching belt.<br /><br />These dishes are divine though. Simply dee-vine!

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