Do you know Jack?

A gift for an old friend.
She’s not old, we’ve just been friends a long time.
Going on 30 years!
(Yes, we were very small when we were first introduced.)
We also lived in London together as students.
Which was probably one of the funnest things I’ve ever done.
And so, how could I not give her her very own Union Jack pillow
just to relive all the great memories of monuments visited,
West End musicals sung-along-with, and Hobnobs consumed?
I am making good progress on my blocks for my quilt too!
About half-way there. I’m in love with each block.
I have loved pulling out lots of
fabrics from the stash.
But as I step back, I think I need to throw in some more bigger-scale prints.
What I really need is a good English-garden,
Cath Kidston-ish, vintage-looking cabbage rose.
It’s kind of hard to find those prints right now.
I may have to dig through my mom’s stash too. :)

And speaking of the British Isles: another quote from the outspoken-8-year-old.
I found a copy of Brigadoon on DVD at the library and brought it home for a bit of reliving childhood nostalgia. (Not as great as I remembered it, but anything with Gene Kelley is easy on the eyes.) Anyway I talked my daughter into watching it with me. Her first comment on the Scottish accents: “Are they speaking Korean or do they just have retainers in their mouths?”

Happy weekend!

PS. Thanks so much for the great info on washing quilts and fabric!! Lots of good tips if you haven’t read them.


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    your 8 year old is hilarious! That is the funniest thing I&#39;ve heard in a long time!<br /><br />Your quilt is looking amazing. I love it. You know those flower sugar by lecien fabrics would go really nicely – they have a kind of modern Cath Kidston feel to them. Materialgal on etsy has some.

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    are you following a pattern for this block? would love to make a pillow for MY best friend…we also lived in London together for a time.

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    your daughter was cracking me up with that comment…how funny. many years ago i went to scotland, backpacking, with another friend and on the train into Edinborough and these really cute guys were talking to us but we had no idea what they were saying because of the thick accent. i love the union jack pillow and quilt…they are so stunning. everything about them is awesome

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    Actually, I think the smaller prints are looking great and keep the focus on the design instead of on the fabrics. I think the design can tend to get lost when big prints are used — though sometimes that&#39;s just what you want, in this case I think it&#39;s nice to let the design show through.

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    How hillarious! Tell your daughter she provided my laugh for the day. Gene Kelly wouldn&#39;t even have to dance to be wonderful. I love watching old movies with him too. He dances like no other has since, even with all the dance shows on TV now.

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    How about some roses from Tanya Whelan&#39;s past fabrics? Ava Rose has some. There is another line with roses but I can&#39;t remember the name…something with Sugar in the title. LOVE your blocks though.

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    Those are great! I found something in a curiosity shop in town today that I just *had* to buy for you… it makes me laugh because this blog post is perfect timing!<br /><br />I&#39;ll get it in the post next week sometime, so keep an eye out!

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    Haha, your daughter&#39;s comment on Brigadoon made me laugh. I have fond memories of Brigadoon — my senior year in high school I played the part of &quot;Meg&quot; — the (ahem) milkmaid anxious for a husband. The best part was that I had never been on a date in my life, and basically, I was playing the role of the town hussy. Gotta love it. But I love that musical and the songs and

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    Love quotes from the kids – Always good for a smile :)<br /><br />Your Union Jacks are looking great, what about doing a couple with some solids as well as a large print? That would be a nice contrast to your small prints.

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    Love the quote on the scots accents! A friend learned Dutch at College as an extra language and she&#39;s always said that if you speak German with a scots accent it turns in to Dutch!<br /><br />Like the Jack pillow, unusual!

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    what a great idea for a pillow! I LOVE this quilt pattern, after seeing your post I bought a pattern from Busy Bee on the spot. Thanks!

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    Just accidentally tripped back over these fabulous blocks and added you as a contact on flickr as a result – am making a whimsy version of the same but it&#39;s slow. How is your progress?!

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