An Extra-Special Vintage Quilt (for an extra-special boy)

Today I want to share one of my very favorite vintage quilts in my possession, in honor of a very special boy. Thirty-something years ago today, quite-possibly the cutest baby boy ever, was born.
See? I told you.
This boy has a really sweet mom too.
And when he got a little older, she made him this quilt.
 As I pulled out this quilt to take pictures, I fell in love all over again.
I love the colors, the fabrics, and the happy little appliqued blocks.
I think the hamburger and hot dog are my favorite.
This quilt is a treasure to me.  When my girls were really little I used to let them play on the quilt and point to the letters, numbers and pictures. I don’t want to let my boys touch it with a 10-foot pole (because I fear the damage they could do), but I guess I should let them at least look at it and tell them about it
I love the little boy with the big blue eyes in the bottom corner.
I also love that boy with big blue eyes now that he’s grown up.
Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!
(Who is still as cute now as he was back then. I know. I’m so lucky.)


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    Such a special treasure to have. I made my son a cross stitch block quilt 20 years ago when he was born…never let him use it because I worried it would get messed up. It is doubtful he would even remember it. I have it tucked away.

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    Hi Amy,<br />Happy Birthday to your Husband, my husband turns 39 tomorrow :)<br />What a wonderful keepsake, and what a talented crafter! I love the fabrics,and the little boy applique is my favourtie :)<br />Thank You for sharing it with us!<br />Have a great weekend xox

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    Gosh what a wonderful family treasure..and the stories behind it are so touching!<br /><br />Happy Birthday to your Sweetie! Have fun celebrating! <br /><br />BTW-Did you get him a matching snuggie????…:0)

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    I love vintage crib quilts! And the pictures of your hubby are really special, very artistically done. Have a wonderful birthday celebration!

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    This post made me cry! So sweet! I love a little boy with blue eyes too, one little version and one grown up version.<br /><br />I agree, that gingham hot dog and hamburger are killing me!

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