Friday, March 26, 2010

An Extra-Special Vintage Quilt (for an extra-special boy)

Today I want to share one of my very favorite vintage quilts in my possession, in honor of a very special boy. Thirty-something years ago today, quite-possibly the cutest baby boy ever, was born.
See? I told you.
This boy has a really sweet mom too.
And when he got a little older, she made him this quilt.
 As I pulled out this quilt to take pictures, I fell in love all over again.
I love the colors, the fabrics, and the happy little appliqued blocks.
I think the hamburger and hot dog are my favorite.
This quilt is a treasure to me.  When my girls were really little I used to let them play on the quilt and point to the letters, numbers and pictures. I don't want to let my boys touch it with a 10-foot pole (because I fear the damage they could do), but I guess I should let them at least look at it and tell them about it
I love the little boy with the big blue eyes in the bottom corner.
I also love that boy with big blue eyes now that he's grown up.
Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!
(Who is still as cute now as he was back then. I know. I'm so lucky.)


  1. Such a special treasure to have. I made my son a cross stitch block quilt 20 years ago when he was born...never let him use it because I worried it would get messed up. It is doubtful he would even remember it. I have it tucked away.

  2. That is a wonderful quilt and in such good condition.

  3. oh this is so special....what a precious quilt. that hot dog and hamburger in gingham are killing me!!! :o)

  4. Happy Thirty Something to your Sweetheart. He is lucky to have two women in his life who can make such wonderful things.

  5. Hi Amy,
    Happy Birthday to your Husband, my husband turns 39 tomorrow :)
    What a wonderful keepsake, and what a talented crafter! I love the fabrics,and the little boy applique is my favourtie :)
    Thank You for sharing it with us!
    Have a great weekend xox

  6. Gosh what a wonderful family treasure..and the stories behind it are so touching!

    Happy Birthday to your Sweetie! Have fun celebrating!

    BTW-Did you get him a matching snuggie????...:0)

  7. What a wonderful treasure you have... both in the quilt and in your sweetheart. Happy Birthday to him!

  8. Such a treasure: the husband and the quilt...

  9. Happy Birthday to your Husband! I love that hot dog and the happy butterfly. So sweet!

  10. What an awesome treasure to have. Love the detail and the personalization.

  11. I love vintage crib quilts! And the pictures of your hubby are really special, very artistically done. Have a wonderful birthday celebration!

  12. Sweet post Amy. So happy those treasured quilts are still around.

  13. What a sweet quilt! Definitely a treasure!!! Love all the appliqued pictures, numbers and letters.

  14. What a cute quilt! I love that you still have it. What a treasure for your family. Happy Birthday Michael!

  15. This post made me cry! So sweet! I love a little boy with blue eyes too, one little version and one grown up version.

    I agree, that gingham hot dog and hamburger are killing me!

  16. Love. This. {It is precious)

  17. STOP IT! Stop it! LOVE! Oh gosh, all the precious gingham is killing me!

  18. This quilt is so darn sweet I just about can't stand it! It has such a special story behind it, and your darling was SO CUTE!!! x


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