Fun in the Post

I’ve had some happy post (mail) recently.
Some expected, some unexpected.
First, I finally got my hands on a Kona color card thanks to Jackie. She has more available and a big selection of Kona fabric.  After buying a pile of Kona, I decided I wanted to be able to match colors. Wow, all that color is so inspiring.  And pretty.
Speaking of pretty, a new issue of Cath Kidston arrived.
Make’s one so excited for Spring.
You can totally get your hands on one of these too (for free) if you go here!
This one was a surprise! My very own pair of Vancouver Olympic mittens! AAHHHH! These were sent by my Vancouver blog-pen-pal, Barb. We first exchanged communication about Mr. Roboto last summer. With the Olympics last month, we chatted more.  She observed my Olympic fanaticism excitement and was so generous.  Many, many thanks again, Barb!
And finally, another fun little surprise from a new friend, Sarah, in the UK.  Whose blog motto is: “A little bit of clutter goes a long way.” lol.  Oh how I relate! She sent, a wonderful shopping bag (I am gathering quite a collection of smart shopping bags from the UK – I am going to be the object of massive jealousy at my local Walmart), a little Union Jack and a package of Jelly Babies, which are long gone.  Thank you British friends for taking pity on my Jelly Babies cravings.  My dentist thanks you too.


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    I was thinking of you at work on Tuesday. A lovely British lady came in to buy some fabric to make a Union Jack quilt for her son. I told her about your sewing. She wished her son would be more adventureous and let her pick a bunch of patterned blue, read and white but alas he wanted it to be all in solids…I think she is going to use a stripe for the binding so it's not so boring for her

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    Don't you just love the color card? It is wonderful when shopping for just the right color!! Thank you so much for the heads up on the FREE Cath Kidston magazine. I so went right over there to request mine!! I am excited to get mine. I think that your mailbox must have been doing a happy dance!

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    this is so fun. i love that color card!!! i went straight away to get myself a copy of that cath kidston mag. i can not wait until it comes.

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    I have both the Kona color card and the Moda card pinned on the wall right by my machine. It makes me happy to just look at them. Today I found some light blue solid Kona on a 50% off clearance table and bought the end of the bolt. Not sure what I will do with it, but I keep collecting the solids for something fun in the future.

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    very fun that you got the mittens. i ended up with 3 pair. should have gotten more from my contact people. my whole family would have been so excited. oh well. at least me and my two sisters own them. a little memory for you of "my" olympics.

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    Ooooh yummy post! Cath Kidson stuff is disasterous- is there anything of hers that you DON'T want? I don't think I've come across any yet…glad you got some jelly babas!!

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