Love o’ the Irish

 Guess what the leprechauns left in my mailbox yesterday?
A copy of Irish Quilting magazine –
– which  I thought was quite appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day!
 The magazine contacted me a few months ago about my Ireland quilt. Someone (thank you whoever you are!) had sent them the link information about this quilt. They asked me about possibly spotlighting the quilt in the magazine. I felt quite honored!  And pleased to have this way to memorialize my Irish friend (sad story here). Possibly sometime later this year!
And here is the gorgeous, wee man himself.

When I sent the quilt I received a really nice thank-you.
Then the next week I got this message from his Dad via Facebook:

“By the way on the blanket are they ment to be Irish flags? Being a bloke and unsesitive to such things it was pointed out to me this evening at a freinds house that they looked like Irish flags, and if that is the case did you make it?  If this is true then your blanket will have to be promoted to GREATER THAN the dino blanket (and that’s quite huge). Alas it will not replace the No. 1 blanket, which if you wrap him in it when he’s feeding (with the sound effects) makes him look like a boar piglet, he’s just too cute then.
Lol – I love it! Aww, God bless this single dad, doing the best that he can.

And speaking of Ireland, those sneaky Leprechaun’s also turned our milk green and left a box of Lucky Charms. The night before my kids were arguing about whether you could die from a Leprechaun’s pinch and my husband told them “No you can’t because there’s no such thing as Leprechauns.”  (Not to be mean – he just really hates the idea of kids being deceived.) My 5-year-old son was quite shocked and said, “Well, they should just delete this holiday.”

When my son discovered the milk and Lucky Charms the next morning, I thought he would be dubious. Instead he was delighted and said,”Leprechauns must be real because you NEVER buy good cereal mom!”


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    Bwaahaaahhhaaaa….I don&#39;t know what is funnier…single dad&#39;s comments or son&#39;s comments!:)<br /><br />Well congrats on the quiltie being singled out…that is just wonderful…it is a lovely heirloom!:)

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    What a huge honor! And that looks like a FANTASTIC magazine!<br /> <br />Love the comment about mom not buying good cereal–that sounds like something my husband and children would say :)

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    How great for you to know you will be featured in the magazine &amp; love the comments &amp; anyway you can tell your kids that the reason your DH don&#39;t believe is that he just never seen one that don&#39;t mean something not true or we never believe in God lol<br />That was how i use to explain things like this was i can&#39;t say just because someone has not seen it <br />Hugs Janice

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    Thanks for the good belly laugh today! The good cereal comment did it for me.<br /><br />Congrats on the quilt feature. Such a heartbreaking story but to know that you cared so creatively to create a heirloom with special meaning that will be documented in print is a wonderful tribute.

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    What an honour, you&#39;ll be magazine famous, and people allover Ireland might start making quilts with Irish flags on them like yours! <br /><br />Loved all the comments by the old and young males in your blog, too :) When your son grows up, he&#39;ll probably appreciate St. P. Day even without the leprechauns… more for the green beer than the lucky charms :)<br /><br />Cheers,<br />

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    Congratulations on your Ireland quilt making the big times Amy. The little guy looks so cute on it. <br />And your son&#39;s comment on the cereal sounds SO MUCH like what my son would say at that age! <br />Hey, glad you like my Merry Go Round! I&#39;m almost ready to sew it together! Yipee!

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    Congratulations! I love the comments from the dad – they really do need things pointed out to them don&#39;t they?! But how wonderful that he knows all the love in it now. I&#39;m sure that&#39;s why the magazine loves it. Things that one puts their soul into seem to end up great. You can&#39;t fake that energy.

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