March Bee Blocks

March Bee Blocks.
These ones are for Angela. Wow, such fun fabric to play with. (I love seeing what other people pull together.  These fabrics were a fabulous combination of colors and design.)
Angela is an amazing quilter. Also a very generous one.
She has made a bunch of quilts for good causes recently.  
If you haven’t met her before, you can visit her blog here.

These blocks are for a charity quilt Rebekah is putting together for Children’s Village in Detroit.  It was a great project to work on.  I’ve always wanted to try this Maverick Star (link to tutorial).  I was only planning on making 3 blocks, but had so much fun, I couldn’t stop.

I really need to do more charitable sewing. I know it would bless my life. I’m so impressed by all the women I’ve observed doing and making handmade goods for others in need. Sometimes, okay often, I’ve felt guilty that I’m not doing more to ‘save the world.’ (I’m probably not the only woman who feels this way.)  I have to step back and remind myself that “feeding the hungry and clothing the naked” applies to my own children as well – because they are often both hungry and naked.

Still, it is absolutely inspiring what good in the world can be done by the “small and simple” efforts of women everywhere giving a little something extra. Here’s to more of it!


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    LOVE them all!!!! I really like those scissors in the one star. I have some of that same fabric but in red, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but stars would be so fun.

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    Love the Maverick Stars, they are gorgeous! Don't worry about feeling guilty, I agree that we all do at times. But when you do something good you feel great about it! So no worries, now go and feed and clothe your children.

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    Thank you! For the fabulous blocks and the link love!<br /><br />You get huge points for that wonderful flag quilt, as well as all the great quilt and craft ideas you share.

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    I was in a fabric store near Christmas last year with a friend and we were talking to the clerk about charitable sewing. She had done a few things, and I had done a few things, and my friend had, and the woman behind me…what if each of us stopped because it was so little. <br /><br />Together we had changed nearly 100 lives (fleece blankets, hat/scarf sets, pillowcases, a few quilts,

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