A new table runner tutorial

Hi everyone! Guess who I’m hanging out with today? 
(Well, not in real life – I wish! – but in blogland)   
I’m sharing an easy tutorial for a quilted table runner.  
It’s so quick and easy, you can make it in an afternoon.

In other fun things at our house, this is what I discovered on the kitchen table yesterday after I got off the phone with my neighbor. Some nice new Sharpie art work!  Fortunately I had some miracle product that got most of it out.  I totally held my cool, but all threats of discipline were only met with mischevious giggles. Until. . . I put the Webkinz Gecko (stuffed animal) in time out for a couple of days. Then I witnessed great anguish and lamentation.

(Is it mean that I took a picture?)

Post Edit: A couple people asked about the miracle cleaner: Sol-u-mel made by Melaluca. (A neighbor was a distributor.  Took that stuff right out.)  I fully endorse Mr. Clean Magic Erasers as well.  They work wonders getting out crayon too!


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    Let me guess, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?! Not that I have experience or anything!! ;o)<br /><br />Love the table runner!!<br /><br />Blessings,<br /><br />KT

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    So cute…the tablerunner and the photo of the &quot;damned&quot;! I too have pix of my kids in timeouts…sometimes it is too funny NOT to take a pix of. Thanks for sharing the tutorial

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    I *love* that you took a picture. That&#39;s so something I would do. And I think other parents would agree… well, at least the parents I&#39;d want to hang out with would agree. While you never want to see them hurt or sad, there is something entertaining about the level of high drama reached by a little kid in that state. It&#39;s the end of the world.<br /><br />While hauling my stuff

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    I took pictures when I found my (then) two year old had found a sharpie marker and drawn all over his body. I could have used some of that miracle clean-up. We had to wait days for it to wear off.<br />You (and they) will laugh about these things in the future.

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      My now 36 year old son did that when he was two. Around his eyes, tops of his feet, the full meal deal. No fancy, Shmancy stuff in those days. I used cold cream and my fingernails! He is now a wonderful adult husband and father of whom I am extremely proud! N

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    I love that you took a picture! Often I think of taking a pic right after I&#39;ve finished cleaning up. Grrrr…. How am I supposed to show my grandkids what little stinkers their parents were? LOL

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    Not sure how it would work on wood but my daughter taught me that if you use liquid anti-bac soap (the no wash kind) that it takes off sharpie…and it does…

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    I agree. Photos are priceless. Now that my children are grown up, I can look thru albums and laugh out loud. The girls loved to dress up and I would take their pictures. It&#39;s so much fun to look back and remember those days. Love the table runner-it would make a nice quick gift.

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    It&#39;s fantastic!! I love how you used all the different fabrics with it &amp; the method you used to sew the strips is MUCH easier than the way I have been doing it.<br />Congrats on the feature!<br />Melissa

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    also…<br />get a magic eraser!!! My 2 yr old (at the time) twins took a sharpie all over my BRAND NEW PIANO!! I about died!! The magic eraser took it right off!! I was so excited.. I even wrote them a letter to thank them!<br />Melissa

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    Love the table runner! It looks very easy to do, might even be able to squeak one out before Easter! Love the picture of your son, priceless, not mean! <br /><br />Ditto to Cherie&#39;s comment… what is the miracle product?

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    I love the quilt runner perfect for small scraps!<br /><br />BTW Just a tip to everyone. I have used a dry erase marker to get sharpie markers out. If you color over the sharpie marks with a dry erase marker it pulls up the ink and stays wet long enough to wipe it off. I&#39;ve used it on the TV screen, fridge, and counter tops. I haven&#39;t used it on my walls though don&#39;t know how it

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    Love that you took the picture! If you can&#39;t laugh at it, most days you&#39;d be crying, right?! <br /><br />(Cute table runner, too!)

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    Ah yes, the great Webkinz Withholding… been there done that (and I just hope no one takes one of MY webkinz away!)<br /><br />Glad your table&#39;s feeling better!

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    Bwhaahahaaaaaa….my husband and I got a kick out of the guilty in timeout…oh the tales you will be able to tell….his girlfriend!:)

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    nah it is not mean… it is a really cute picture. a friends daughter left purple sharpie all over my kitchen table and all i have to say is thank goodness for magic erasers!! they are miracle workers.

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    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can erase anything! I use it to clean my iron all the time. BTW, the picture is cute. Thanks for sharing.

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    Amy, I like that you took a picture ~ real life and very cute (I know only after the fact for you). Congrats on the cute table runner tutorial :)

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    Amy: love the table runner and your directions, I really enjoy everything you make! tell me what is that backing fabric? I love it! Thank You. this is a bright spring spot for this cold idaho day.

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    I love this picture!! You couldn&#39;t have captured a more perfect moment– it&#39;s almost like a commercial! :o) Love it! Does your table pull apart and a leaf comes up from underneath? If so, I have the same one…Sharpie and all!

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    haa! We just took video of my son proclaiming that daddy needed to &quot;say sorry&quot; for wiping his butt because he wanted mommy to do it. On the floor, irrational tears and all.

  21. Anonymous says

    Love the table runner. Toothpaste works wonders on Sharpie marks. I&#39;ve used it on painted walls, leather furniture and wood furniture. It is also very easy to wipe up.

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