Adding color to my world

I’m so happy with how these Dresden Plates have come together.  After making one, I decided to make three more and make a wall hanging to put on my big, beige, empty wall above my couch.  As much as I love the neutrality of the house we bought, I’m starting to feel a little blah-ish and in need of some color. (May have to do with the time of year too.)

I still need to add borders, but I decided to take the quilt for a ‘test-drive’ on the wall.  I think I like it. But I also wonder about making it into a bigger quilt. Decisions.

Thanks for all the reassurance on the artistic children. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.  And nice to know there are stellar cleaning products available.

Also, I’m linking up today with V and Amylouhou’s Sew and Tell. Be sure to check out lots of other project fun!


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    Your dresden plates make such a happy wall hanging. You could also get canvas stretcher bars and put it on them, and it would look like artwork.

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    I LOVE it as a wall hanging and I really like Stephanie's idea about putting on stretcher bars…that would give great dimension and shadows….awesomeness!:)

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    I did a baby quilt for my niece with these blocks.. all in different pinks. Love making these blocks. Yours look fantastic!

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    One of the fun things about selecting beige walls and tan furntiure is that you can change the colors around with pillows and quilts. That way, you are not tied in to only one look. I love the dresden plates over the couch. It's a keeper!

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    I love dresden plates!!! I was thinking of making one single plate for a wall hanging or a pillow.<br /><br />Btw when she was little, my sister took permanent marker and wrote on our standing fan &quot;BIG BROWN FAN&quot;. My mother had a fit but I giggle about it to this day hehe

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    Love this i watched Quilt in a Day where Eleanor Burns does this &amp; it in Egg Money Quilts book which i just got so that on my to do list it really beautiful well done<br />Hugs Janice

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    I just did my first dresden plate block this last week and I love it! Too bad it wasn&#39;t for me. :(<br /><br />Sorry I&#39;ve been so out of it! Let&#39;s catch up soon!


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