Friday, April 30, 2010

April Bee Blocks

I am thoroughly enjoying my Quilting Bee and I'm feeling a little bit proud of myself for actually keeping up with each month's blocks.  (This is the reason why I limited myself to only one Bee at a time. Yes, I know myself well.)
This month's blocks are for Audrie.  Once again, really cool blocks that I would have never attempted otherwise.  Audrie shows how to do it here if you're interested. I will admit, they were slightly tricky and mine aren't 100% perfect, but I would try them again. I love the finished result these blocks create.  (And yes, they aren't squared-up - Audrie said she would do that part, and I so I am going to let her.) :)
If you haven't read Audrie's blog, it is always entertaining. And she's so productive. AND she's only been quilting for a year. Blows. My. Mind.
Maverick Star Charity Quilt by jrcraft.
This is the finished charity quilt Rebekah put together from the maverick blocks from last month.  I love how it turned out. Thanks again, Rebekah for spearheading this!

I am posting from my husband's laptop.  (You're right Audrie - it does feel like wearing someone else's underwear.)  Our computer is finally getting overhauled.  Yay! So I was computerless all day yesterday and today.  It's amazing what you can get done when there is no glowing screen to tempt you.  I made Union Jack blocks yesterday. They had been sorely neglected.  Today my dear, sweet, wonderful husband is taking the morning off and then working from home so I can go to a Women's Conference at BYU.  It's one of my favorite things all year. Hurrah!  So, all this combined means I'm woefully behind on emails and that kind of stuff. But hopefully my spiffed-up, super fast computer and I will be back in gear next week.

Happy weekend! 


  1. Very pretty amy..and the quilt from last month's blocks..awesome

  2. this charity quilt has turned out so beautifully. and those bee blocks looks so pretty

  3. I am psyching myself up to do these blocks! I might need to do a sample block first to get all the wonks out :)

    Yours look great and you made a great decision only to do one bee at a time!

  4. That star quilt takes my breath away every time. Gorgeous.

    Thanks for my blocks! I'm so sorry they're giving everyone grief but I loooooove them :) And thanks for the blog love heehee!

    LOL see! It's just too weird using anyone else's computer.

  5. Everything is gorgeous Amy!

    Enjoy the conference and have a good weekend!

  6. Oh..I love Audrey's blocks. Great way to use up scraps.
    Have a wonderful time at Women's Conference. What a good husband to come home so you can go.

  7. I love the block!....I'm all about everything scrappy.
    Have a great time at Womens Conference:)

  8. Wasn't the conference great?! I loved it! Love your Bee blocks and also the star quilt. I'd really like to do a Bee, but really have no idea how to get involved with a group.

  9. Love the charity quilt! But really love the blocks you made, so fun!

  10. I love the block. I can tell that it's going to be a darling quilt.

  11. you'd make those blocks again?? oh dear i could never... i'm glad i got them done.. but never again! ;-)

  12. I love your blocks. I have found I can keep up with a couple exchanges/bees when I limit myself and work at them in small bits.

  13. Lovely work. Such pretty colors (drool!).

  14. Your quilting blocks are so cute! Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog and keep up the great work!


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